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Powergirl and Supergirl

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Midna by dandonfugaPsylocke by dandonfugaZangief and Mika by dandonfugaShe-Hulk by dandonfuga
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Nothing wrong with loving yourself. And if it's a stacked parallel version of yourself even better.
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"Hi, cousin."

"Hi yourself. Now hands off the girls."

This is adorable and sexy. Nicely drawn.

raiknight19's avatar

You should share on Pixiv as well, you have INCREDIBLE art!!!

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they are so cuteeee <333

a-E-sha's avatar

they look so cut and hot at the same time

Bianca-Blonde's avatar
Those two are so cute XD
AmberBondage's avatar
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This is cute. I just don't ship it.
walis-nt's avatar I'm getting a boner in the library...
Did someone say wincest?
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GUYS... you do realizes that powergirl is supergirl from another dimension right.

If they had sex it would technology count as masturbation.

Just saying.
Chico113's avatar
omg I love that 😆
Evodolka's avatar
i imagine it would be more like sleeping with a double ganger since i imagine they have lived different lives (slightly) and so would technically be different
that or it would be like 2 twins banging

take your pick which seems closer
ajliga's avatar
Both are hot lol
Evodolka's avatar
oh without a doubt :D
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