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Love this. Are you able to make the other members of the straw hat crew like this?

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a-E-sha's avatar

don't you mean... 69 000 000?

honestly I'd pay that much for one night with her

HammerinInkminer's avatar
...curves in all the right places -- nice.
Knightowl415's avatar

That's not what she'll make you pay. That what the World Goverment will pay you if a World Noble doesn't see her first.

Archanos's avatar
Price is still not big enough
WaywardDemon's avatar
yeah id pay that price to get my hands on that too
luckyhoodie's avatar
Nami so sexy. You're awesome
SmilerCore's avatar
One shot. One Kill. Where is she?
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Whitewolfwithredeyes's avatar
I want her too, but you don't see me throwing down 66 million for a date 😂 
GaloCuevas's avatar
How wouldn't she be wanted?
Pyrophysical's avatar
i think those tits are bigger than her head =0
nonexistence-eternal's avatar
Fantastic and hot!!! Love 
TwistedBrokenHearts's avatar
u made such a boring character so hot and cool :D

gg keep up the good work
Why do not you draw boa hancock
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