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Mt. Lady

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  Mt-lady-nsfw-preview by dandonfuga 
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Tharja by dandonfuga

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Froppy's lucky to be there!

thorman's avatar
wuau what great pic of mt lady and froppy of boku no hero academia is awesome and fantastic is one great work congratulations friend:D:)
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I didn't see froggy at first so I thought you were talking abour Invisible Girl.
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To be honest, Yuu Takeyama (Mount Lady) is my MHA crush. I'll go as far to say she's the sexiest chick in MHA. That's right, Midnight! I said it!

Also, adorable little Tsu on her shoulder. Guess our resident Froppy is getting some training from her? 

Love it!
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Miss Tsuyu is the reason I am here ^_^
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She can step on me ;)
Would you be able to make more with Mt lady.:D (Big Grin) 
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A cute frog girl and a sexy giant woman.
GreySparkle's avatar
so pretty ^^
The-WonderSlug Wonder this is a nice one as well ^^
dont you think?

ahh and the little froggy girl aww so cute
Ak-40Lemon's avatar
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That's some huge sexiness!
goatink's avatar
very sexy and lovely, really nice work :D
PilloTheStar's avatar
Oh shoot, it's the Tsuyu!

And no one else of worth.
Skiltron's avatar
Aww the nude version should've had naked little tsuyu as well :C. Just feedback not criticism, I love your work.
ZelgadisGW's avatar
Mt. Lady... Mount Lady... Considering her attitude, I wonder how many she mounted to get her license.
ImperialWrath's avatar
Mt. Lady seems very much worth the climb.
Miyasscret's avatar
Awesome drawing of her!
Big thickness with a cute frog girl...nice
ABrightSide's avatar
That's a nice Froppy picture.

Oh, and that giant bitch is there too. :)
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