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Grown-up Misty pikachu Rup cheeks plz 

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suddenly Pokémon became even more popular

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How is She a tomboy

Lissettggonzalez's avatar

Hey look it's itsuka from my hero academia i mean...hey it's misty!

Yesss that's what i'm talking about!! Misty should look like this growing up. Great job!

AutoBot-Refuge's avatar

Pokemon's first lady. Fantastic work. Now if only Ash would notice.........

IDisrespect420's avatar
Nice hot Picture. Good Job 😉
An-Old-Otaku's avatar
Man they grow up so quickly these days!  :omfg:
I wish she was my girlfriend
Prometheus20X's avatar
This looks so amazing! :0 Man, it brings backs a lot of memories from when I used to watch the original Pokemon shows. It's like we all grew up ( Except Ash for some odd reason. :'D ). Amazing job! 👍
Alfoxer2000's avatar
I already loves misty but this makes love her even more
Wish u could teach me to colour like that
Falken02's avatar
Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart :) (Smile) :) (Smile) :) (Smile) 
Sacron22's avatar
Good navel fashion for sure.  
StarDustShorty's avatar
That's a hot Misty !
Kiro-Kurusu's avatar
She is truly hot
Dreali85's avatar
I love Misty and this is great.
Konos-P's avatar
Good interpretation of her grown up
Blackrose1323's avatar
Amazing take on Misty
LunarsStorm's avatar
Someone's stealing this
Misty By Dandonfuga-da73zgt by Kaazimj9
animamomentlover's avatar
1-M-3-A-3-U-7-S's avatar
So much suggestiveness without being lewd <3
SchattenLotus's avatar
if her Three big Sisters always get described as so beautiful and attractive,
why shouldnt Misty - with a little bit more Time to mature - become hotter as well? ;)
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