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Millie, an original character. I love fighter girls *_*
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Sonia by dandonfuga
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jesus... the artist understands what beauty is

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Dude, all your work is just so good. Praise to you. Superb stuff.

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A very beautiful lady, but that look on her face suggests that one has to be very careful about how to word the praise for her. :P
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would love to see her get out of the shower

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Gorgeous. And I assume per your usual pattern, there will be a pregnant version coming next month?
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Thank you and yes :3 The artwork was from November 2019, so it's already available through my Gumroad :3
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cool. I buy it but IRL bills have my in vice grip
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She looks cool. Is she a boxer?
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And what fighting style is she a practitioner of? 

She's looking good.
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Looks very Badass! I love it!Mreooow 
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Thank you, Pry *_*
Bear Hug 

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Cute Ass
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Killer figure
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Dat...ahem, she's lovely!

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Very nice. A defo fav.
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