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Korra ~ Asami


I think they are such a cute couple Heart

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Korra unable to drive a car but yes a bike is such a bisexual thing <3

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Love it soooooo cute
thanks for sharing
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The best couple in LOK !!
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This is fantastic 
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Korra......I'm sorry, but you don't need milk. They're big enough. 
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very nice Love Clap 
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This is adorable! You did an amazing job on this! :)
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Beautifully done!
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Korra behind the wheel?

... this will not end well.
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Asami: How about I drive home, I have something I really want to show you.

Korra: korra Excited plz Sure Sami. Sounds good.

Asami: Great, you really need to see this Nitro system I invented! (Hits switch.)

Korra Epic Freakout Scream Plz 
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Lol! Thanks for that! XD
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I trip one would never want to end :)
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I really like the attitudes they're displaying. Very nicely done.
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Korra looks so badass =D
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Super duper cute :D
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