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Katara ♥ (aged up)

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ill go for a swim

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Wow! She's so beautiful! I love Katara! <3 Awesome work!

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It seems she has become a absolute heart breaker when she got older.

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Low angle shots are always epic

I hope you make Sarada Uchiha w/ Rinnegan soon

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es increíble

el nivel de exquisitez q logras plasmar en tu arte es perfecto

That's a Katara worth having! Good job, now we need an Azula to go with it.;P

Dem abs 🥵🥵🥵
Let’s get it. Avatar
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very smexy art of Katara! XD

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Gorgeous and sexy

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Katara looks super gorgeous and very sexy! Super beautiful work! ❤️❤️❤️
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Absolutely fantastic. Beautiful pose and she looks gorgeous here.
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Are ya afraid ta get wet?!

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cool hot katara

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Open hair Katara with that "from below" pose is a godly combo! thanks for this Dandon!

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