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Kasumi DoA

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She looks so cool!

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love the hair detail :O

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Any kunoichi worth a damn always make sure to carry a sword and a couple of kunais with her to fend off any creepy perverts. Despite wearing a very revealing ninja attire that shows off her spectacular figure, she is as pure and shiny as the snow. She loves being around the cherry blossom trees that scatter their pink petals all around. She is on the hunt to complete a personal mission as a rogue ninja.

DOA6 may be dead with no more support and Kasumi has seemingly been pushed out of being the main protagonist due to Honoka and Marie Rose stealing her spotlight but at least she wasn't created to spite an entire country (Marie Rose) or a lame copycat character when one already exists and brought back (Honoka)

It is also unfortunate Kasumi, Ayane, and Kokoro are deemed persona non grata while they are of age and have been for quite some time. Anyways though, ranting aside, this is one truly captivating image of the kunoichi of destiny in action and not just posing erotically.

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BEAUTIFUL!! 😍😍😍 Here's hoping we see even more DOA beauties in the future!

Mystically sexy and gorgeous

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it is kasumi after all

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beautiful shading and look here

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Kasumi looks so beautiful here, you did a splendid job on her

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