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Juliet Starling

Lollipop Chainsaw - Juliet Starling Icon 2

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Gumroad <- Latest artworks :) (Smile)

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Well done!!!

Leegentle's avatar
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That is so exceptional!!

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Sexiest cheerleader/zombie slayer ever! :love:

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Excellent work
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please make tutorials of how draw female poses and anatomy xD i love your artwork 👍😮

Sorry but their drawings don't depict realistic female bodies AT ALL.

Lucius-Walker's avatar

There is seriously not enough love for Juliet if you ask me, so thank you for making this sweet fanart!

I just love how she actually has a good amount of muscles from the training she undoubtedly undergoes. Not excessive and unrealistic (like a bodybuilder's), but enough to where it's realistic for her.

Well done, and here's to hoping you'll do some more Lollipop Chainsaw fanart! ^^

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The fight against Mariska was awesome

Joybuzzer's avatar

Never did finish the game, but loved playing it! :)

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Loved this game (must have played through it a bajillion when it first came out) and I love this. 'nuff said.

Ultamisia's avatar

very nice! and awesome game, very underrated

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god what I would want her to do to me. :horny:

otakusenpai's avatar

I freaking love this game, wish I could still find a copy somewhere.

Stein256's avatar
It can probably be found on or Ebay.
otakusenpai's avatar

I'm South African, not sure if Ebay even delivers here, Amazon might be an option but their delivery fees aren't cheap.

shinobu-fan's avatar

Oh Juliet, how I missed you! ❤

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