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Jubilee and Laura

Birb intensifies 

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Media: Photoshop CS5

Powergirl and Supergirl by dandonfugaZangief and Mika by dandonfugaKorra and Asami (Yuri!) by dandonfugaKorra ~ Asami by dandonfuga
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Adorable Jubilee x Laura

TheInvisableMare's avatar

A new series where these two become a couple would definitely be interesting.

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This beyond the word cute
CherubimG324's avatar
Shocked Very XE If you know what I mean.
Really well done
I ship this so hard.
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Levia-the-Dragon's avatar
Heh, I don't think Laura will take that affection well...
SilentMortal's avatar
Is that a hug, or a ''hug''? :P 
thorman's avatar
wuau what great moment awesome of jubilee and laura x-23 is sexy and hot in love is one great work congratulations friend:D:)
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Jubilee: I always wanted to be a big sister.
X-23: Who says you're the oldest?
Jubilee: Like you'll be able to prove otherwise, little one.
ChaosBladewing's avatar
I have to ask is this canon or at least hinted at?
I see it often enough I have to wonder ^^;

Either way cute drawing :)
FrostKuji's avatar
Are they dating? No. Are they friends? Yes. If you didn't know Jubilee is a vampire and X-23 can't be turned into a vampire. The writers seem they want them to act like sisters but the artist seem to want something else. lol
AnAscendedSaiyan's avatar
Excuse me, Jubilee is a vampire? Comics are weirder than I thought.....
SilentMortal's avatar

I see them as sisters, but I don't mind the occasional shipping pictures of them. :)
theEyZmaster's avatar
I love this pairing :love:
LTKArtwork's avatar
Oh, damn.... 
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