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Jubilation Lee
Undertale - Frisk/Chara icon - 23x29

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Midna by dandonfugaPrincess Zelda by dandonfugaMei by dandonfugaRaven by dandonfugaJubilee and Laura by dandonfuga

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ItsTheFitz's avatar

Wow. Never ever though someone could make Jubilee sexy. Nice.

And also, your lines, shading, and coloring is untouchable. Great gallery.

Kal-el4's avatar
Razor22072010's avatar
Wow she looks fantastic, I haven't seen her in ages. nice job
first x-man crush!
potente789's avatar
HammerinInkminer's avatar
...potentially the best version of Jubilee I've seen so far.
smuttnfluff's avatar
Anyone gonna point out the undertale button?
Musculartina's avatar
Beautiful--- Dangerous.
Nice thighs----- killer leg scissors.
Toned lovely arms------- lethal sleeper hold.
Blockyblob's avatar
can you draw one of her not as a vampire?
AnonymousUserWithNon's avatar
Not a fan of vampires but seeing her again reminds me of the X-men I once enjoyed in my youth. This drawing rekindled my interest on her again.
Berlcraig1's avatar
The unquestioned best Jubilee art ever done.
Unkownbrony52's avatar
What are her powers?
Bradby's avatar
I never thought I 'd see the day where Jubilee is hotter than Storm, Psylocke, Jean, Emma, and even Rogue!!!
PrinceofUkraine's avatar
he did draw rogue, once. she's here…
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
sexy and cute work on her
KougarVakarian's avatar
I want to make love to all of your artwork...
Weertangel's avatar
Vampire Jubilee, hell i like it!!
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