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Katchoo! XD

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Awesome and sexy art work. Love 
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Come and join me, come and play...
Or I will shoot you, in the face...
Bombs and bullets will do the trick...
What we need here...IS A LITTLE BIT OF PANIC!

Very nicely done
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God I love her so <33
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This is some really nice art. I love this provocative dark stuff like this. It really shows the cooler side of league of legends champs. Although i am not sure if it is a painting or digital art.
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Why does she have clouds though?
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I really like your style!! Keep up the good work;-)
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Has anyone told u that you are awesome?
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Those lovely lavender eyes, falling in love all over again.
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You really do an awesome job on skin tones, great work!
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incredible portrayal of jinx, the hair rendering is amazing. 
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Awesome! She looks so intense!
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supeer awesome La la la la :D (Big Grin) 
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Excellent artwork.

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ull get jinxed! XD
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What is "Katchoo?" =p
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Hey you, I'm watching you from now on. This is a cute Jinx
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Them's big eeeyyyes
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so full of mis-chif
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I love the way you shade. I see you took some artistic liberties here and there (namely you gave her skin much more color than she normally has and gave her larger breasts), but I can forgive that due to how flawlessly you shaded her midsection. The stomach, belly button, and upper pelvis area there are all done so photorealistically. It's very very impressive!
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Love the pose and the attitude. Very nice.
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