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Jill Valentine
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POP! Resident Evil - Nemesis 

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CharlieProut's avatar
I thought her outfit was inappropriate when I was playing the game, now I approve! Very sexy Jill! ⭐ And great drawing! 👍
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TheFlowerofChivalry's avatar
TheFlowerofChivalry|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Bless this work. <3
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IDisrespect420's avatar
Sexy Jill 😍
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rungbersa's avatar
rungbersa|Professional Digital Artist
Sexy armpits >w<
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Very sexy, powerful, and striking pose and stance, and love the slight whipping of her hair as she turns to face her threat.  Nice camera angle and view from behind.  The positioning of her arms, legs, and butt cheeks is a wonderful blend of power and sexiness...  love the subtle, though impressive muscle tone in her arms and legs.

Love her attire and how it shows off her lovely assets...  love how her tight micro mini-skirt nicely displays her thighs and derriere.  Also, the tattered look of her attire and the filth sullying her face, arms, and legs all enhance her overall sex appeal...  looks like she's had a busy day.

What really ties this image together is her facial expression...  she has such a "No Fear," confident, "cool-under-presssure" look in her facial featrues and eyes.  By the way you composed this piece, seems she was about to be jumped from behind when she turned at the waist and hips, and calmly scored a head shot.  Then she holds the pose and watches the results of her action with total indifference in her eyes.

Thanks for sharing!
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TheBeast1980's avatar
Love the NSFW version, just curious why does she has such a smug face when she's getting a.... Closer feel of tentacles?
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gusolsan's avatar
gusolsan|Professional General Artist
Very good perspective!
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Clays-Sketches's avatar
Clays-Sketches|Student Traditional Artist
Nice work!
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White-Rose-Brian's avatar
*does his best impersonation of a Minion* Bottom.  
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3denvironmentmodels's avatar
3denvironmentmodels|Professional Digital Artist
Stunning work. 
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0WickedRaven0's avatar
dat ass, jilly is back. :)
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LordLard's avatar
Delightfully appealing to both yje living and the dead :-)
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Rallyguy33's avatar
I think it is safe to say she is very confident. :D
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Fail-Seeker's avatar
My Valentine! :love:
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jetlab's avatar
jetlab|Hobbyist Photographer
wow nice!
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MKRUdesign's avatar
MKRUdesign|Hobbyist Digital Artist
The way you paint skin is amazing! There is so much detail!
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Nosebleed Nosebleed Nosebleed Nosebleed Nosebleed Nosebleed Nosebleed 
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Dany-Gee's avatar
Damn, my another video game crush!
Jill <3
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CarbertArtwork's avatar
CarbertArtwork|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Master Piece! :D
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mpz28's avatar
Very nice Cool WinkGlitter Heart Black [F2U] Applaud fella (Reactions)   
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PallavP's avatar
PallavP|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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