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Hanzo and Mercy

"Did someone call a doctor?"
Mercy for Signatures
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Now it’s genji’s Turn to obliterate hanzo
t h i s   i s   a   m e r c y 7 6   s i t e   o n l y .

(fantastic art tho)
Sergios117's avatar
Genji gonna teleport behind bro and go "nothing personal kid" in 3..2...1
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This is a ship!? Stunning art anyways good job
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I love this, so much! This ship is so perfect and cute!
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why is hanzo and ziegler shown as couple so many times?
I mean, i donno any depper background story, but at the game I never catch a voiceline which would lead to an assumption that they had a thing for each other...
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Because if you think about it Hanzo x Mercy makes a ton of sense unlike other ships they're both paired with <3 but nothing is canon right now besides Tracer having a girlfriend.
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It actually makes as little sense as McHanzo...neither Hanzo and McCree or Hanzo and Mercy ever met. 
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@LastLittleCetra - blocking me does not make your pairings make any more sense. Not saying you're wrong to ship them, but saying they 'make sense' is about as true as me saying any pairing in Overwatch beyond the possibility of Genji and Mercy makes sense right now at this point in time :| 
LastLittleCetra's avatar
It only makes little sense to you because you haven't invested the time to research it like I have. I can go on and on about how it makes so much more sense then other Hanzo ships xD but... So what though? What does it matter if the couples make sense or not to someone other then ourselves? I sure don't care ;x I even ship myself with Hanzo. I personally like Healing Arrow and not McHanzo but I would never bash on anyone who liked it <3 sure, to me it'll never happen but to others Healing Arrow will never happen. Just let people ship what they want in peace, fufufu~ they're fictional characters after all. They can all work at this point ;) as nothing romantic regarding them is even official.
anobouzu's avatar
Okay. All I'm saying is that they still don't make sense, that's it.
LastLittleCetra's avatar
And that's a matter of personal opinion my dear ;) and it's only because you haven't taken the time to actually learn about it or understand, so that's fine x3 but a thing you've never looked into or known about or read up on will never make sense. I think you should take the time to learn reasons why people support them together so much before you just make a unfounded statement. That's too cruel :) either way-- to you they may not but to others it could be undeniably clear as to why they make total sense <3 so just be a nice person and keep your opinions to yourself if you disagree with someone. No need to even bother a person about it because then it just makes it seem like you're lacking faith in your own ship and just want to bark and tear down any others who may have a stronger foundation then yours. Trust me, they're fictional it matters little to even do so. What matters more is being kind to people and having respect. Especially for the artist who drew the art. You could easily move on and let people ship what they want. Ya know? Have a splendid day as I have no more time to invest in opinions that could never possibly sway my ship or change my mind <3 <3
Thriem's avatar
I looked into Mercies background story and i never ever saw any attachments towards neither Genji or Hanzo. Well, she saved Genji, but more likely because she wants to help since she is a field-front-line-medic. Or used to be.

Furthermore, Hanzo has - as Genji - attachments to the Yakuza (or some sort of) which is not very appealing to her nature.
LastLittleCetra's avatar
There isn't any canon attachment to anyone romantically besides Tracer and Emily. For now all our ships are head canons but that doesn't make them any less cute. Mercy has more connection to Genji then she does to Hanzo (sadly, as I love healing arrow more) but that doesn't mean any pairing is more canon then another. I think they're all beautiful and people should love and respect everyone's ships! *^* 

Hanzo left the Shimada Clan and Genji has left it as well and is in Overwatch now :) I think if anyone can get over their past and help them move on it would be the kind hearted Mercy.
Actually, what is "canonically"(hinting towards being correct in cannon) correct is Genji/Mercy pairing right now(as far as I know). But you'll often find that people like to pair whoever they see fit together since there is so often very little canon information. When a story leaves so much to the imagination..things run wild :)  
LastLittleCetra's avatar
Well, right now everything that is "canon" for Gency is not really canon. Even though I love that pairing so much. A few lines here and there, writing to one another, a chocolate thing, doesn't mean canon. Just as a few lines for McHanzo doesn't mean canon either. Healing Arrow is personally my favorite ship but Gency is great too! I think both of those ships make total sense and I'd love to see them. McMercy too! But right now really all that is canon at all is Tracer being with a woman named Emily. <3 and it's not even confirmed if she's lesbian or bi, she just has a girlfriend and or wife. 

So I think it's best to be kind to everyone and let them make their own ships until things are canon (even after that we should still be kind) but for now be super kind because the only thing that is canon at all is Tracer and Emily <3
Ah, that is why I put "canon" in quotations.. as it hasn't become a comic in their comic story yet. It was just an unreleased voice line as of yet. I won't debate about it being canon or not.. that is a conversation far too complicated and here-say-y to bother with. Whatever you may think of the voice lines, I was simply trying to explain the current news as they seemed unclear to the original poster. I also was not aware of this Tracer business.

Of course it's best to be kind to everyone and let them make their own ships, isn't that basically what I was alluding to in so many words that people will naturally make their own ships in a universe so filled with opportunities by NOT being filled with canon cemented relationships? Is this insinuating I came off as unkind before? 

Well anyways this was a thread from quite long ago and I didn't really intend to get into any deep conversation about the ins and outs of what is canon. 
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Kinda wish the chick was outta the picture so I could favorite this *v* he's so handsome~
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Aww Nice picture! Inekoitplz  
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something millions people will hate you for this. 
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