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Echidna by dandonfuga

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thorman's avatar
wuau what pic sexy and hot of fubuki of the one punch man in love she is sensual and beauty congratulations friend:D:)

goodness gracious, i don't think I've ever seen her drawn so beautifully. most artists really focus on making her as antagonistic or deviant as possible, but I've gotta commend your ability to balance beauty and sexiness. anyone able to recommend good fanfiction for her?

Narked's avatar
Most Excellent sexy work of Fubuki!  Saitama better tap that ass while he can! (or i will! Arf! ;p )
JehoiakimEli's avatar
That ass though... ;)
darnasus's avatar
metalsageofarnor's avatar
The pose and outfit that Fubuki's in kinda reminds me of Powergirl heh. 
(Don't wear a skirt near saitama : his punch are so strong they can destroy your dress without you noticing)
MacblinkSkylight's avatar
Look at that booty, show me the booty 🎶
This is amazing!
jmarkoff2's avatar
Hola, I like this character, because it really has an excellent design, I am fascinated that it is a woman with white skin/brunette/dark or dark, I love the colors of the suit, hair, eyes, ornaments, his pose is very sensual/flirtatious/provocative and I have a Feeling of/With her, know even more about who she really is, apart from that I like/fascinate the characters/people gay/lesbian, bisexual and transgerder to make friends and meet them.
Kviesgaard's avatar
This is from One Punch Man?

Great anime and a great drawing as well.
Qezzie's avatar
I Want learn this!
niibari's avatar
I like Fubuki!! One-Punch Man!! This art is marvelous! That buttocks thigh  look like soft. 
TheRavenousRaven's avatar
Check out that booty.
bigonekovam's avatar
so sexy so hota nice ass great artwork hugs from portugal ok
Yes. YES. Gorgeous rendition. <3
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