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Ciri-nsfw-preview by dandonfuga 
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I wish the game would have let Ciri romance that girl in the bath. You could tell them that you liked girls, I had thought that was going to lead into a steamy bath scene.

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Ciris Face ist perfect. I love it so much

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Très réussi ! ^^
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Ohh, shes got the rose tattoo, someones read the books!
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SHE looks a bit underdressed.
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Nice Ciri's expression! :) (Smile) 
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Thank you for paying so much attention to detail of her body...her muscles are everything to me. Ciri is a girl who works extremely hard for her body and I truly appreciate your depiction of her. The scar on her one leg is perfect too. This girl definitely doesn’t play nice and she’s a tough one. Ugh...I wish more women in real life were as hot as Ciri. Video game crush! Thank you for this beautiful work of art! :) 
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I like this very much. If you don't mind my asking, how was it done?
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Holy shit, she's hot! I love the tattoo!
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Of all of yours this is one of the best to me! Very sexy
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Well time to search the internet for the nude versions
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Her facial display is a brilliant mix of amusement (smirk) & something mildly malevolent - perhaps a derisive sneer. Nice!
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Amazing light environment and skin tones.
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wow,   looks so life like..  and looks like 3d.
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"Is my breasts nice?"
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Hot and sexy Ciri ^^"
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