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Android 21

By dandonfuga
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Puff puff!
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Echidna by dandonfuga Fubuki by dandonfuga Ms. Fortune (Skullgirls) by dandonfuga Chun Li (Alpha) by dandonfuga Hotaru Shidare by dandonfuga
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© 2018 - 2021 dandonfuga
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Making buu girl looks hot, turning people into candy lol:clap:

Knight3000's avatar
Gorgeous Majin 21
elenawhor's avatar
Omg i have never been more turned on for srt in my life 
elara26's avatar
simply incredible
DexTheArtist's avatar
Now THAT is one sexy doughnut.
BretonniaHouseTyrell's avatar
Roninwolf1981's avatar
If I was ever to have a DBZ waifu, it would have to be Android 21.
HotFantasy3D's avatar
Wow nice! Please make an art of Furia, from Paladins.
Romazeo's avatar
How are you doing this? This art is amazing, I know nothing about new char for FighterZ, but already love her thro your work ;)
NOVAKRUSH's avatar
Diegoutetsuma's avatar
excellent colors!!
bluewirez's avatar
i wish she would transform me into a donut <3
MidnightShadow92's avatar
I guess she likes donuts...
inflateLover69's avatar
Any chance we get a 21 first form?
X-Force02ranger's avatar
very hot andorid <3
dizzandesigns's avatar
Noooo dont eat me!!!!
Gwarriorfanfic's avatar
What a gorgeous anodrid. Greatly done!
Just-someonewhocares's avatar
Wow! I'm new here but i love your job already. Can you make versions of her with warriors absorbed, wearing his clothes like buu? Would be nice!
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Yeah how you drew 21 is so so awesome! Yeah WAY better than how I drew her you know? Majin Android 21 sketch Majin Android 21 sketch 2 but hey what are you gonna do huh? I tried~ But again awesome work!
udooner1's avatar
Hmmm.  ....A cop’s dream girl?
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