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Bunny Erza by dandonfuga

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Black Widow by dandonfuga
Jill Valentine RE Remake by dandonfuga

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Maya by dandonfuga
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SrawRats1977's avatar

Maul would think twice before attacking her

Sexy sexy sexy Ahsoka love it

WhoeverThisIs89's avatar
Snips been hittin the Jedi temple Gym.


Redbubble user stole this design:

LittleFoxStudio's avatar

So it looks like someone on dA named Megarasexy is posting your Ahsoka work on here without crediting you.

Mokmo82's avatar

BTW, i doubt you put this on Displate's website, article #3845304 if you want to see who sells it.

Supremechief's avatar

a good balance of muscle and curves.

HedgehogGuy's avatar

Ahsoka could’ve been wearing that getup when she returned to the war effort. Ah well, a guy can dream.

LittleFoxStudio's avatar

I love this. Beautiful work!

can you make an Ahsoka II?

Merkoid's avatar

Out of curiosity, would you be willing to make a sith version?

HelenianaRainbow's avatar
Ezzy-as-it-is's avatar

Too good not to fav

Xytaaz's avatar

Finally Ahsoka Tano!!, Please do more Star Wars girls. Would kill to see Shaak Ti my favorite togruta.

Ventress, Aayla, Luminara, Shaak Ti, Darth Talon and Darth Atroxa would be awesome

Flamereaper0001's avatar

She needs her own movie.

HedgehogGuy's avatar
Couldn’t agree more. Maybe even give Ashley Eckstein the role, since she voiced her already.

GOD I LOVE THIS ARTWORK of one of my favorite characters. THANK U SOOO MUCH FOR THIS

Nazgul34's avatar

very nice looks amazing

Rand-Tor's avatar

She looks fantastic!

Great Work!

Afroformer's avatar

I am in love with those abs. Orange Girl is best girl!

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