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Fun fact: I managed to render this scene in full with all five models plus the environment.  An absolute miracle.  Clap 

I like the idea of a cyberpunk world that has magic. Maybe magic isn't common. Maybe it was thought lost forever. And in this world, magic can be seen as dangerous. Because, unlike technology, which humanity has created and controlled, magic is unpredictable.

And V is definitely unpredictable. She can manifest copies of herself that can cast the same spells. And every copy takes on an aspect of her personality. One magic users is bad enough, but one that can turn herself into five? It seems V has become public enemy number one.

Software used: Daz Studio 4.20 Pro, Photoshop, Flame Painter 4

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Have a wonderful day, all! Hug 
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Excellent work, I remember when it was a miracle too to have 5 people in a scene, but thankfully i had to upgrade, so i don't miss those days, Even with the difficulty of getting this many models you put together a fantastic well made scene.