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The curse you gave me

Was the curse of blood

Spent years hating

I was just running

Runing away

Now that I really hate you

I don't really hate you

Just grew so tired

For blaming, blaming myself

For failing under your tirany

This life is not the one I chose

And now that I drown my self

In alcohol and work

I'm thinking you gave me the curse of blood

The more that I try to be nothing like you

The more I find my self doing it all

Doing all the shit to myself
So I have decided to put together a digital poetry book but I will need your help. So I got the poems written but I would like to pair them up with fitting photography, painting, drawing,… this is an example  so if you do any of those things, are interested in this kind of collaboration and like one of the poems from the folder (or more than one) let me know.  
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