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Cold hands, you too

So it's summer no more

Let me hold you, forget what he says

Cold feet, me too

So let's pull the blanket on

Let it go, I think I'm ok now

I like you, you like me

But that's something we knew all along

Why do we keep it on the field?

Those moments go to waist

If we just put it on repeat

Let us grow like it’s not gonna end

Because I really don't think it will and…

And really think it won't

And I think you shouldn't try so hard

To re-hash the magic that went nowhere

Look I’m right here, where have I ever been?

Your face, that phase

I don’t ever tend to part

You now know me like no other will

We’ve done some things

Only possible between the two of us

At least it was only good when it was us

Because I really believe it is just us

And I really hate the thought

But I’m trying to forget the past

Because the history kills me and it comes up often

I’m trying to show it doesn’t matter and I want it forgotten
So I have decided to put together a digital poetry book but I will need your help. So I got the poems written but I would like to pair them up with fitting photography, painting, drawing,… this is an example  so if you do any of those things, are interested in this kind of collaboration and like one of the poems from the folder (or more than one) let me know.  
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Submitted on
September 6, 2018


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