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Cork by Dandejure Cork :icondandejure:Dandejure 3 2 08 August by Dandejure 08 August :icondandejure:Dandejure 5 0 Distorted by Dandejure Distorted :icondandejure:Dandejure 2 0 Little green light by Dandejure Little green light :icondandejure:Dandejure 11 2 Melodica hive by Dandejure Melodica hive :icondandejure:Dandejure 2 0
The curse of blood
The curse you gave me
Was the curse of blood
Spent years hating
I was just running
Runing away
Now that I really hate you
I don't really hate you
Just grew so tired
For blaming, blaming myself
For failing under your tirany
This life is not the one I chose
And now that I drown my self
In alcohol and work
I'm thinking you gave me the curse of blood
The more that I try to be nothing like you
The more I find my self doing it all
Doing all the shit to myself
:icondandejure:Dandejure 6 2
If you are dreaming of losing your teeth
You may have bitten of more than you can chew
Ability to make decisions fell through a hole in the pocket
The road signs are broken in the mud
The direction you're going is not the one you wish to go to
And some of the mud blood puddles are actually pretty deep
And it's not night yet there's no light
In my dreams I lose my teeth
:icondandejure:Dandejure 4 0
Shape states
Safe as a worm
Build a fence
Top it with barb wire
Shut out the loom
Keep quiet
Someone will confess
What doesn’t resolve in a fall?
Used to be a joke
Never funny
Never enough
Always right
Keep the other side in smiles
Forget who raped your mother
All right if there was chloroform
Hope I bleed out before I breathe in
The murky old waters
The blindness of eye sore
Brothers,  sister
They all cry out admiration
Always a hollow branch
No way to tie a noose
No way to win at being best
So vulgar, the faces
The one way streets
Approve it
A back bone of aluminum
Just dance on
Hope your mind explodes
Sick to the brains
Same goes to the stomach
We drift becoz they let us
Books against bullets
Breasts against muscles
Politeness you must forget
Sick to the brains
Same goes to the stomach
We drift becoz they let us
:icondandejure:Dandejure 3 0
Humming bird
This is my decision, now wake up
Why should my grandpa kill his goat
Why should I decide I'm not clever?
Everything will just run it course
Loveless I'll feel mystically over
Split a hair to keep alive
Humming bird trying suck upon a soul
Twisted beak we're only robot people
A call of obsolete
Flooding the streets with what ever
And I go to bed crying
This is no longer
:icondandejure:Dandejure 4 0
Gradual diminish
The town is suppose to be a different town at night well not tonight
The pain is suppose to go away well it did with some alcohol
The lost people should come back to life reformed and out of place
Well not when it comes to you, not when there’s you with your little outfit
Walk with a limp and a stolen glass in my pocket
Appetite for corruption with a drive of a rocket
Can’t see why not go all the way and do some regretful bullshit
Well not when it comes to you, not when there’s you with your being you
So you’re trying not to show it
But the feelings they are veining
You prefer pretending over hiding
But you can not hide away from what I see
I can’t believe it, I just can’t believe it
I’m shocked at these choices have been made
Gradual diminishing that deserves not to be there
Self made wounds triggered by self despair
Here I am and I’ll admit I dunno what to say
Got nothing on my mind that hasn’t been blurred away by matters of the
:icondandejure:Dandejure 3 0
Common song
There were common people
With common interests
With common hobbies and common jobs
Common average IQ's
Common average humor
Common average sex lives and average dreams
These common people supported other common people
And gave common average pop stars a lot of concession
And these common average pop stars gave it all right back
Thus building a very positive idea of averagness
Consequentially creating even more average common people
:icondandejure:Dandejure 2 0
Cold skin
Cold hands, you too
So it's summer no more
Let me hold you, forget what he says
Cold feet, me too
So let's pull the blanket on
Let it go, I think I'm ok now
I like you, you like me
But that's something we knew all along
Why do we keep it on the field?
Those moments go to waist
If we just put it on repeat
Let us grow like it’s not gonna end
Because I really don't think it will and…
And really think it won't
And I think you shouldn't try so hard
To re-hash the magic that went nowhere
Look I’m right here, where have I ever been?
Your face, that phase
I don’t ever tend to part
You now know me like no other will
We’ve done some things
Only possible between the two of us
At least it was only good when it was us
Because I really believe it is just us
And I really hate the thought
But I’m trying to forget the past
Because the history kills me and it comes up often
I’m trying to show it doesn’t matter and I want it forgotten
:icondandejure:Dandejure 3 0
All we want is to be happy
16 years old ready to marry
Dream career in all the way and
All the circles for ever there
All we want is to be respected
No accomplishments ready to
Demand attention in all the way and
All the nothing for ever there
There is a way to make a decision
So that you don’t need to explode
There is a way to make a choice
So that you don’t need to tell a lie
All we want is to be the best
The most special person in the world
That’s who you are in all the way
All the sarcasm so totally there
All we want is to be loved
Ready to give anything
Without empathy all the way and
We continue aimlessly forever there
:icondandejure:Dandejure 2 0
Black dogz
Cross the
Dragon bridge
Trough the sunset
Chasing me
There's gargoils
watching down
trough the shadows
chasing me
all this time I've been trying
all this time I've been running
runing from
black dogs chasing me
all this time I've been fighting
all this time attempt hiding
hiding from
black dogs chasing me
and I try to
capitalise on it
and I try to solve it
try to solve it
everything just
raining down on me
I don't even want to
I don't even want to
All this time
Black dogs chasing me
I dont even want to
I dont even want to
All this time
Black dogs chasing me
:icondandejure:Dandejure 4 1
Once by Dandejure Once :icondandejure:Dandejure 1 0 You actually keep a shovel by Dandejure
Mature content
You actually keep a shovel :icondandejure:Dandejure 3 6

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Živa sang on my song called Cork so naturally I have put a cork in her for the art to go with it :D
Check out the song and subscribe ;)…
08 August
This is Živa. She sometimes sings in my band. We had a little photoshoot on my balcony and here are the results :) (Smile)
my music:…
the art was provided by   go check her out !!!:) (Smile)
the song:…

So I have decided to put together a digital poetry book but I will need your help. So I got the poems written but I would like to pair them up with fitting photography, painting, drawing,… this is an example  so if you do any of those things, are interested in this kind of collaboration and like one of the poems from the folder (or more than one) let me know. =) (Smile)  



Ok... my name is Jure and I am sort of the frontman of a group called Dandelion children. My job is to sing, play bass or guitar and the keys. I’m also responsible for the lyrics, some album covers and other silly little art. And that’s what I’ll be posting here. I hope you enjoy it. If so I say check out my music at as well. Have a good day =) Cheers!!!
hope you guys are into something a bit aggressive :)
  • Playing: guitar


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New Year by Junkyardrose
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Christmas Card  - G-Rated by Junkyardrose
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