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This is simply incredible! First off, the bust style works perfectly for Bea as it captures her likeness. It also reminds me of the var...

There is really a lot to say about a piece like this. From background to the character and even the instruments, it's gorgeous. First, ...

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Predation Cover - by QuirkyMiddleChild by DancingLunarWolves Predation Cover - by QuirkyMiddleChild :icondancinglunarwolves:DancingLunarWolves 38 5 Dancing (Mushy) Lunar (Ramen) Wolves (Fancy Crown) by DancingLunarWolves Dancing (Mushy) Lunar (Ramen) Wolves (Fancy Crown) :icondancinglunarwolves:DancingLunarWolves 20 19
In Our Dreams (The Best Kept Secret)

The Best Kept Secret
"Strange, I thought, how you can be living your dreams and your nightmares at the very same time?"
― Ransom Riggs, Hollow City
"ppen..." Juniper squeaked, backing up from the window with a nervous grin. She tried not to side-eye her sister, but failed miserably when she could literally feel the eye roll going on.
Which Judy was absolutely doing alongside nervously tapping her foot on the passenger seat. "You were saying, June?"
Looking out, she didn't need a response for exactly what they saw in front of them.
The trip to the Hopps home went by without a hitch. It was relatively smooth and quiet and the sheriff didn't seem to mind the fox on board.
Judy and Nick struck up a conversation about what they'd be doing and the finer details on how he got covered with soap - he said it was a 'miscalculation'.
Either way, with him back in his green Pawa
:icondancinglunarwolves:DancingLunarWolves 8 11
In Our Dreams (What's The Worst That Can Happen?)

What's The Worst That Can Happen?
"Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities.
Dreaming, after all is a form of planning."
Gloria Steinem
Judy really didn't know what to say about her sister's plan, but she was glad that there was a basket in between them as they went over the finer details in the back of the squad car.
"So let me get this right," Judy began, her voice a whisper as to not attract too much attention from the sheriff ahead. Already about on the verge of leaping a seat over and dragging June to the ground from the trouble she caused, the bunny continued. "You want to do what now?"
The equal amethyst eyed bunny sighed, relaxing back into her seat with a wide smile. "I said it three times already, Judes: we bring 'im with us. What's so hard about that?"
Judy peered across the basket with both indignation and reserved joy. For one, Juniper seemed okay with Nick, so she didn't ha
:icondancinglunarwolves:DancingLunarWolves 10 11
In Our Dreams (All According To Plan)

All According to Plan
"It's not like I planned it. I never woke up from some rosy dream and said, "Okay, world, today I'm gonna spaz."
― Shannon Celebi, After Spring Comes
While Judy was often known as the bunny with a unique pep in her step, her current state was well beyond what most would consider was hyper.
Her paws moved at lightning speeds across various forms, while her eyes darted to and fro as fast as any machine could. Her feet tapped without rhythm and she bobbed her head to a tune that only she could hear. And, above all else, she couldn't keep herself from bearing a bright, bucktoothed smile.
"This is gonna be great!" she said in a not so hushed tone, the sound of her pen and the hum of the overhead A/C unit were the only things to even out her voice.
Not that it mattered, though, she was currently the only one in the filing room. A small price to pay for opting to fill out paperwork that had been backlogged thr
:icondancinglunarwolves:DancingLunarWolves 9 17
Myths and Mammals: Origin (Chapter 1)

Myths and Mammals: Origin
One Day, Beneath a Blue Sky

It was dark above the face of the Earth. Out where the stars shone and the two newest luminaries were given their place among the heavens.
A daunting task it was, to keep their path. It would require them to stay the course, unwavering and ever vigilant to keep everything perfectly in line. However, it was necessary for them to do so as they were for times, season, and signs for all to see.
That, as they were told, was what they were created to do.
And this is why one of the two, given this job, was taking it very seriously.
High above the rolling clouds, the shimmering silver celestial gazed upon the world below.
Her shadow cast darkened the deepest of the deep waters and stretched above the trees who's boughs pierced the sky. A constant shift it was to keep her domain in check as she drifted and danced across the horizon.
The night was given to her, and under her covering, th
:icondancinglunarwolves:DancingLunarWolves 15 12
Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek
A gift for Credens-Vita (Aka Msitubeatz on tumblr)
Nick yawned, rolling his tongue and stretching as far as his limbs could reach while he padded down the sidewalk. Hearing a small pop in his back, he felt rejuvenated - the added pep in his step would be great when he got back.
Now on the same street that their house was on, he thought about what the rest of the day would hold.
It was just sunny enough to warrant him wearing his aviators and hot enough to merit a nice swim in the adjoining lake or just nap in the shade. Though he hadn't had the time for any such activity as he was on a mission, the idea of spending the day with his family had grown on him.
Speaking of family, he mused, tilting his head towards the vinyl siding of their recently acquired lake home. It wasn't the easiest to move into, not with their specifications, but it was a joy none the less. And to be on the outskirts of the Rainforest District and close
:icondancinglunarwolves:DancingLunarWolves 15 18
A Whole New World: No One To Tell Us No

A Whole New World
Chapter 1: No One To Tell Us No
Bright, ambient moonlight beamed down on the residents of the sleepy countryside of Bunnyburrow. Cascades of silver shone through the treeline from the resplendent orb that bore the burden of the night. Its lesser radiance a promise of the coming dawn once the stillness of night had faded away.
That promise made more real with the crisp, warm, midsummer air being so full of life. From the chirp of cicada's and glow of the fireflies to the soft sway of greenery for miles to see, it was the perfect time for evening activities.
This little fact alone was what brought one bubbly bunny doe to bound anxiously toward the tallest of the rolling hills near her home.
"Come on, guys!" Judy cheered, opting to hop backward and wave her party forward. "Starlight's a burnin'!"
The two rabbits and sole sheep that hiked with her all looked up at her with varying degrees of enthusiasm.
Her niece, a bright-eyed bunny doe
:icondancinglunarwolves:DancingLunarWolves 13 20
A Whole New World By Francesca Ictbs by DancingLunarWolves A Whole New World By Francesca Ictbs :icondancinglunarwolves:DancingLunarWolves 38 20
Objectively Yours: Paperwork
Objectively Yours
Chapter 1: Paperwork
The warm spring winds was always something that Nick found to be soothing. They carried with it the scent of the city that he used to hustle, but now protect along with the prospect of a new, albeit dangerous, way of making a living.
Worth it, he mused from behind his too tented and mostly for show shades as he watched his partner finish writing a ticket to the dismay of the speeding sloth.
Though he was a bit upset from the fact that it was Flash that they were ticketing - he pleaded for them to go easy on him as he probably pressed the gas too hard again - it was all good as nobody was harmed and it'd be something to laugh at later.
"And don't let us catch you going a hundred-thirty down a twenty-five again." the doe adamantly warned, giving the slower mammal a stern wave of her pad and pen through clenched teeth.
As per her partnership with Nick, she found his advice invaluable and, upon taking a momen
:icondancinglunarwolves:DancingLunarWolves 18 38
By My Side By Francesca-Ictbs by DancingLunarWolves By My Side By Francesca-Ictbs :icondancinglunarwolves:DancingLunarWolves 60 7 Sisters By Francesca-Ictbs by DancingLunarWolves Sisters By Francesca-Ictbs :icondancinglunarwolves:DancingLunarWolves 30 5
Practically Poor: Strays
Practically Poor
Chapter 1: Strays

A chilling, whispy wind blew by the two bunnies huddled together and padding their way down the cleared path on the sidewalk. Stuffed suitcases trailing them, their breaths, ragged from the long walk and misty from the bite of winter, were only mitigated by what little scraps they could call scarves; barely more than a pair of old dish towels for larger mammals, to be honest.
Despite this being apparent, it didn't stop them, nor did they allow it to humiliate them for their current status in life. It was, after all, their first day in the big city. It was cause for celebration.
Well, it would have been, if it weren't so cold. That made it cause to hustle.
So cold it was, in fact, that Judy had long since felt the warmth in her ears fade to numbness and the residual heat from those emergency heat packs had finally run out. She began to have second thoughts about leaving the burrows so earl
:icondancinglunarwolves:DancingLunarWolves 19 25
Practically Poor by Qalcove by DancingLunarWolves Practically Poor by Qalcove :icondancinglunarwolves:DancingLunarWolves 79 15 Bellwether By 0unknownartist by DancingLunarWolves Bellwether By 0unknownartist :icondancinglunarwolves:DancingLunarWolves 19 18 Starring - By 0unknownartist by DancingLunarWolves Starring - By 0unknownartist :icondancinglunarwolves:DancingLunarWolves 45 31



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Hey all. ^^

I'm back with another I.O.D. snippet!

Anyone wondering what Juniper was up to? Well, look no further! Well, maybe do? Some sisters are gonna get what's comin' to them. ;)

Thanks again to Koraru-san and JadeHopps for their OC's as cameo's in the story.

If you'd like to see your OC in an awesome Zootopia High School AU, please let me know. I'll see how I can fit them in, :D (Big Grin)

Also! Ideas are welcome! I have a ton from reviews, comments and notes. So let me know if you have anything you'd like to see.……

In Our Dreams (Entwined)

Until then, here's the snippet for In Our Dreams.

ppen..." Juniper squeaked, backing up from the window with a nervous grin. She tried 
not to side-eye her sister, but failed miserably when she could literally feel the eye roll going on.

Which Judy was absolutely doing alongside nervously tapping her foot on the passenger seat. "You were saying, June?"

Looking out, she didn't need a response for exactly what they saw in front of them.

The trip to the Hopps home went by without a hitch. It was relatively smooth and quiet and the sheriff didn't seem to mind the fox on board. 

Judy and Nick struck up a conversation about what they'd be doing and the finer details on how he got covered with soap - he said it was a 'miscalculation'.

Either way, with him back in his green Pawaiian shirt and khakis - still soap smelling - he looked like his usual self.

When they finally arrived at the burrow, that's when all the trouble started. When they passed by the carrot field, it was completely vacant. An odd occurrence, even by their standards, but Judy kind of shrugged it off thinking that they were just beyond that and by their family tree. 

 when they drove past that and made it to the border of the south field, that's when Judy's jaw dropped.

What had to be all the bunnies in her family were there or around that part of the property, and then some - namely a giant white tigress, a pig and a few other members of their class were in their Bunnyscout uniforms among them.

Eye twitching at the scene, Judy slowly turned to her sister.

Juniper turned away, even scooching over a little as she nervously chuckled. "So I was wrong for once. Big deal."

Chamby, taking notice of how the two were debating on whether or not to get out of the car, made the decision for them. He knew something was up, but didn't want to draw attention. Kits always gettin' in trouble.

The Hopps family farm was huge. They owned quite a few acres of land that had been passed down from generation to generation. Beaten paths, side roads, the whole nine that came with owning property.

As such, the family had a road that allowed them to get to their south field easier. It was less developed than the other plots of farmland to allow it to be more natural and even blended in with the surrounding forest, strategically where the Hopps decided to put the berry patch.

Somewhere between sheer woodlands and farmland was where Chamby decided to park. It was close enough to the treeline as to remain out of sight to most and close enough to the farmland that they could be seen by many that were there.

He drew a deep breath upon rehearsing what he was here to do: talk with Bonnie. Well, that and hopefully keep things from getting out of hoof with a fox on their property. Last thing I need is 'nother Gideon mess. Judy better know what she's doin'.

Adjusting his shades, he cut off the engine and casually stepped out. He didn't want to stay too long as to not cause a mess, fully aware of how the Hopps family worked.

Tipping his hat to Judy, he told her his plan. "I'ma go see Bon right quick. So y'all may wanna get y'er pickin' done 'for I get back. I'll be droppin' Nick off after."

That said, he trotted off.

With only three of them in the car, it was a bit awkward. Two sisters currently at odds with one another over a 'plan' of action - none of it was a plan anymore, just a downhill derby off a cliff and into some jagged rocks - and a fox.

Judy wanted to sit back and think of what to do, but Juniper, ever the eager bunny, leapt into action first. She took her chance seconds after the sheriff left. 

Hopping out of the back seat, she got out and only snickered at her dumbfounded sibling. "Well, y'all got y'er your basket," she informed, waving at them and pointing to the bunnies in the field. "I'll see what I can do 'round here."

Again, Judy was at a loss or words. "June wait! What could you possibly-"

Before she could argue more, the black-furred doe had disappeared, making a beeline towards their family.

Almost jumping after her, Judy's thoughts screamed at her for even being here in the first place. Nick was there along with all the Hopps bunnies instead of what she wanted: just the two of them. Juniper was probably going to bring a bunch of them along to see Nick, something that Judy didn't want, yet. And sheriff Chamby would probably be informing Bonnie and Stu that Nick was there as well.

Judy looked out the window and sighed. This is the worst that could happen.

Ears falling to her side, the doe simply awaited whatever disaster her sister would bring. Not that she'd help this time anyway.

From the moment that he saw this, Nick glanced down at her. He understood only a little about rabbit body language, and droopy ears weren't a good sign.

He looked curiously at where Juniper dashed off to. "You know, Carrots. I can't understand a word she says or a thing she does." A slow smile grew on his muzzle that eased Judy's mind. 

Her shoulders relaxing, she chuckled at that. "You aren't the only one," she spoke truthfully, counting on each of her digits the number of mammals that could translate Junipers language and mentality. "Only my parents, my littermates, and Bartholomew can."

Nick nodded back, he didn't find it hard to believe.

While she could only watch on, Judy idly tapped her foot. Sure she and June were close, but they did get on each other's nerves often. It was either this that was happening now, or something else from time to time.

Like currently, June was hopping around, casually chatting with the family, probably telling them that Nick was here and that they should all see him and get Judy grounded for life or longer. 

The black-furred doe started gathering more and more bunnies to follow her and... leading them away?

Judy couldn't believe it. Juniper, Molly, Sharla, and Mei - she couldn't tell which of the Swinton sisters that was, but the casual 'nonchalant and astute' posture told her that it was Nora, she could be wrong - were corralling the younger Hopps kits away from the berry patch; the older ones following suit towards the family tree.

Junipers lack of a plan finally made sense. This was their window, their distraction. Judy smiled, Nows our chance!

"C'mon, Blueberries!" she grabbed Nick's paw, forcefully kicking the door open and hopping out with him yelping in surprise.

They hit the ground running; the bunny practically dragging the fox with her as they raced deeper into the berry patch and out of sight. 

What story order would you like to see for NaZoWriMo? 

15 deviants said Practically Poor (An AU where Nick, Judy, Jack, and Skye all live together in poverty. From good times to bad and all the in-between, they'll survive the mean streets of Zootopia, even with little or nothing to their names)
13 deviants said Objectively Yours (An AU where, due to a technicality, Judy literally owns Nick. With this new information, the fox, along with his partner in crime, Skye, attempt to escape the lawful watch of Judy and Jack)
10 deviants said A Whole New World (An AU where only prey exist in the world. That is, until one day a wish is made on a shooting star and two predators crash land on a strange new world)
6 deviants said My Jealous X (A story where Nick once dated Skye and Judy dated Jack. One day, they all meet again and, due to a slight misunderstanding, they all try to jealously convince their love interest to date them)
5 deviants said Predator Prey Mentality (A story where Nick and Judy, along with Jack and Skye, face an odd challenge. After an accident leaves them all with different memories and identities, they resolve to figure out how to live their lives)


Heya folks. ^^

I hope you all have a happy mothers day!

Let her know you care and expect surprises if you are a mother. ;)

I also wanted to give you all a quick update. 

Predation is back with 3 new chapters (Volume Chapter1) and that will soon be followed by its two side stories with different character perspectives.

Which characters you may ask? Well, Jack for one. 

The other? I can't say just yet. :D
Hey all. ^^

New I.O.D. should be up in the next day or so.

After this one, the next two chapters are gonna be a little... different. I can't say much, but it's from two character perspectives. ;)

I'll be resuming Skyebound about that time, and the next chapter (3 chapters) of Predation are on the way as well.

Also! Check this scene in I.O.D. from the awesome papierball!

Oh Shit, I'll call ya back later. by papierball

See ya soon!
Hey all. ^^

Sorry for the delays, but here's a quick update.

I should be able to have the next I.O.D. out tomorrow with another soon to follow.

I had to break up the chapter because it was getting too long for my liking.

That, and I'm getting back to writing "Predation" as it's WAY overdue.

Expect the next volume to be more intense ;)
Hey all. XD

Sorry for the long absence. I’ve been on here and there, but not too much lately.

To make it up, I ‘ve been writing a bunch. ^^

What have I been writing?

Well, here’s a few things.

2 chapters of “Skyebound”, the remaining 7 chapters of “A Spring In Your Step”, the next “By My Side” (tons of hilarious scenarios), book two of “Predation” (still in the works, had to do some world building and I’ll release about three or so chapters at a time when they’re complete), the next “Missing You”, the spring story continuation “Heat Haze of Summer Days”, starting the saga story currently named “Origin”, world building “Marionette”, and finishing the plot direction for “In Our Dreams” (it’s like a dream come true XD).

This and a few other things including “potentially” a comedic take on “Judy got hit by a the Nighthowler pellet” and some weird story... saga... quest that I refurbished from my old idea on mammals trying different drinks: energy drinks, coffee, etc.
So, yeah, my somewhat hiatus is over!

See you all soon! ^^


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