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FotA - Chapter 3
Dear Doctor

The phone rang just as he had slipped into his coat, about to leave the office for the day. He was already running late and had sent the receptionist home half an hour ago. For a second he argued with himself whether to pick up the phone or not, but eventually he walked back to the desk and reached for the receiver. After all, it could be an emergency.
"Doctor Edmond Freemont speaking?"
"Good evening, Doctor Freemont. I am sorry for calling this late but I really need your help."
He blinked a couple of times, not believing his hears.
"Shelly? Is that Shelly Nettlesworth?"
The line was quiet for a few seconds and he already feared she had hung up, but after after a moment she spoke again.
"Yes, doctor, it's me. If it's inconvenient I can call back tomorrow."
He massaged the bridge of his nose before pushing his glasses back further up. He and Shelly hadn't spoken ever since she had cleared her office in his practice two years ago
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FotA: Latiss 2 by dancingbetta FotA: Latiss 2 :icondancingbetta:dancingbetta 9 3 Improvement Meme 200x - 2009 by dancingbetta Improvement Meme 200x - 2009 :icondancingbetta:dancingbetta 0 3 FotA - Latiss by dancingbetta FotA - Latiss :icondancingbetta:dancingbetta 12 9
FotA - Chapter 2
Long Way Home

Four days earlier:
Shelly switched on her mobile as she left the office and rolled her eyes seeing that she had three new voice messages. She didn't even have to check them to know who had tried to call her. No matter how often she told her Dad that she never had her mobile on while at work, he kept trying to call whenever he couldn't reach her at the office landline. "This had better be important," she grumbled as she listened to the first message.
"Hey, Shels, it's me! Sorry to disturb you, I know you're at work right now but can you call me back as soon as you got the chance? Love ya!"
The next two messages were almost identical, her Dad sounding increasingly impatient though. Sighing heavily she dialled his number as she got into her car.
"Josh Nettlesworth speaking?"
"Hi Dad, it's me."
"Jesus, Shels, I tried to reach you all day!" For a moment she seriously considered hanging up on him.
"Dad, Aaron told me that you called but si
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Outlook - Insight by dancingbetta Outlook - Insight :icondancingbetta:dancingbetta 8 3
FotA - Chapter 1
Somewhere in Arkansas

Specks of gold and bronze fluttered around the battered old Volvo as it made its way down Highway 229 towards Traskwood. Shelly dimly noted that the car cemetery in the forest still hadn't been touched even though the guys in Benton kept promising to clear the area. She remembered herself and her friends exploring the rusty metal skeletons and almost smell the mould and dust rising from the slashed seats. The feeling of nostalgia faded as quickly as it had come though and when Shelly glanced at the forgotten wrecks once more, all she saw was grim reminders of human defeat.
"If you can't fix it, dump it!" she muttered gritting her teeth. Realising that she was talking to herself once again she turned up the radio and readied herself for the meeting with her family's very own forgotten old wreck.
Raymond Fieldings was dozing on his front porch when an unusual sound disturbed his peace. He blindly grabbed his trusty Mossberg 500
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Bliss by dancingbetta Bliss :icondancingbetta:dancingbetta 12 7
The Wounded Planet - Epilogue
The Wounded Planet Epilogue
Finally, when everything had gone quiet she plopped down at the desk in her room and withdrew a large and well-battered bound book from her backpack. Flipping through a couple of pages she quickly found an empty one and dipped her quill in the ink bottle. The book was not a diary in the classical sense, but a collection of impressions and ideas, and she was about to finish the final chapter. Humming to herself she started writing.
Ironically enough, the ones who were most reluctant to be part of this quest, and who would probably just have at least tried to resume their normal lives once it was done under any other circumstances, are now the ones forever tied to it. What a strangely apt compensation for going all the way through this, against their own nature and the odds we were facing! I personally would not have it any other way. With both of them now being part of the "Circle of Gods", a repetition of the unfortunate events that brought us all
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Journal History

One of my co-workers remarked on his way out that he was so tired he was actually slightly worried about driving home. I guess I shouldn't have thought that I thankfully don't have such a long way home, Karma was exceptionally quick to boomerang me in the face this time.

After a quick trip to the cash machine I got my ticket at the train station (it was raining so I didn't feel like walking) and waited for the train. There were floods everywhere so lines were closed, trains delayed... I can't even remember when exactly the train arrived. I only noticed it was one of those almost antique specimens I hate with a passion. They have swiveling doors that open and close manually and no handle on the inside, so to get out of the train again you have to push down the window and twist the handle on the outside to get the door to swing open. In my case, because I am so short, that usually means I am still hanging out of the door as it swings open.
Anyway, got on the train with a thousand things on my mind, turned around in the doorway and slammed the door shut. An instant later my thumb reminded me that I should probably have taken it out of the doorway before actually closing the door. "Oh, now that was smart," I mumbled detachedly as I looked at my thumb stuck in the door, lifted the other hand to the handle that wasn't there and figured that I would not be able to reach the one on the outside from my current position without causing even more damage. Looking around I realised I was the only passenger in this cabin, so I did the only sensible thing I could think of... bang my free fist against the door and scream for help as the train was about to pull out of the station.
The train conductor opened the door only seconds later, looking confused until he realised what had happened. I hissed a "Thanks!" and collapsed on one of the seats, waiting for the pain to ebb away enough for me to think straight again. The conductor must have disappeared to close the other doors as the train started moving. He came back though and asked me whether I was OK and commented he had never seen anyone do something like that yet.
"Well, I'm a pioneer then," I joked and carefully assessed the damage. We both agreed that "that doesn't look quite right" (I don't remember my thumb being that crooked) and I promised to have it looked at. I felt really sorry for the guy, he was white as a sheet while I found the whole thing about as amusing as it was painful.
Went home for a quick change of clothes (I was quite soaked) and to make an ice pack - very interesting with one hand rendered mostly useless as the pain had spread to the index finger - and hired a cab to get to the Royal Hospital.

At the hospital (I arrived at about 6:00PM) I found the emergency department and after a quick check half an hour later it was decided that an x-ray was needed but that the waiting time was aboutn 3 hours.
My ice-pack was already mostly melted at that stage but they did not have any they could have given me.
I then had the great idea to race to the hospital shop and get a fruit pastilles ice lolly to cool my thumb, which worked fine until the packaging opened and left me slightly sticky and fruity-smelling for the rest of the ordeal.
The x-rays were done at 07:40PM and around 9:00PM I got the results - fractured proximal phalanx (the doc tried to push it back in, which I thankfully didn't feel as my finger had gone numb a while ago - guess the swelling pinched a nerve) and I was to receive a thumb splint and report to the fracture clinic in a week.
So I trodded back into the nurses room and waited... and waited... and waited... got myself a coffe and informed my Ma of the progress, finding two blank voice mails from about midnight on my phone in the process... waited some more... found a reasonably comfy chair and napped there for half an hour. At around 2:00AM I padded back to my normal waiting spot and a nurse asked who I was. Turns out the two missed calls were from the hospital and they had assumed I had gone home. How we managed to miss each other is beyond me, at the time of their calls I was where I was supposed to be (easy to tell - my phone was switched off!). Anyway, the "splint" turned out to be a bandage and I was sent home with painkillers and antibiotics and I was told that I'd receive the appointment with the fracture clinic by mail.
It was 3:00AM when I finally hit my bed and I didn't wake up before 10.

Yeah, thank God it's... Saturday! Although I took neither the painkillers nor the antibiotics (What are those for?! Here they seem to give them out like candies!) I am not really in pain, just have to watch what I do with that hand. Since I don't know when I'll get to the fracture clinic or what I'll be presented with there I just purchased a proper "splint" from an online shop. After all, it looks like I'll be wearing one for a while :-/.

Anyway, I hope the story of my first broken bone ever got a chuckle out of a few people, I at least can only laugh about it since crying won't make it any better (and it WAS a really stupid way to do it).


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