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Morning Bank of Hawaii panorama 2013.1.15 by Dancing-Treefrog Morning Bank of Hawaii panorama 2013.1.15 :icondancing-treefrog:Dancing-Treefrog 2 1 Sunset from the Bank of Hawaii Hale in Kapolei by Dancing-Treefrog Sunset from the Bank of Hawaii Hale in Kapolei :icondancing-treefrog:Dancing-Treefrog 2 1 Someone planted a flower on my grave by Dancing-Treefrog Someone planted a flower on my grave :icondancing-treefrog:Dancing-Treefrog 2 0 Blue Lady Surfing, Waikiki, 2006.9.1 by Dancing-Treefrog Blue Lady Surfing, Waikiki, 2006.9.1 :icondancing-treefrog:Dancing-Treefrog 0 0 Kapolei Sunrise, 2011.11.23 by Dancing-Treefrog Kapolei Sunrise, 2011.11.23 :icondancing-treefrog:Dancing-Treefrog 0 0 Clouds coming over Sausalito by Dancing-Treefrog Clouds coming over Sausalito :icondancing-treefrog:Dancing-Treefrog 0 0 Of Gold and Death by Dancing-Treefrog Of Gold and Death :icondancing-treefrog:Dancing-Treefrog 1 0 Death at my doorstep by Dancing-Treefrog Death at my doorstep :icondancing-treefrog:Dancing-Treefrog 0 0 A Panoramic View of Cloud Gate by Dancing-Treefrog A Panoramic View of Cloud Gate :icondancing-treefrog:Dancing-Treefrog 1 0 White Water Lillies Reflected by Dancing-Treefrog White Water Lillies Reflected :icondancing-treefrog:Dancing-Treefrog 0 0 Bug shadow on leaves? by Dancing-Treefrog Bug shadow on leaves? :icondancing-treefrog:Dancing-Treefrog 0 0 Erupting Red Flower with Ant by Dancing-Treefrog Erupting Red Flower with Ant :icondancing-treefrog:Dancing-Treefrog 0 0 Sun Shadows Flying by Dancing-Treefrog Sun Shadows Flying :icondancing-treefrog:Dancing-Treefrog 0 0 Blue with Teeth by Dancing-Treefrog Blue with Teeth :icondancing-treefrog:Dancing-Treefrog 1 0 Black Crowned Night Heron by Dancing-Treefrog Black Crowned Night Heron :icondancing-treefrog:Dancing-Treefrog 1 0 an experiment in HDR imaging by Dancing-Treefrog an experiment in HDR imaging :icondancing-treefrog:Dancing-Treefrog 0 0


Redhead Girl - Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts Redhead Girl - Ballpoint Pen :iconvianaarts:VianaArts 38,807 4,099
So Much Stress
So much stress
I got it all worked out
So little rest
I got it all worked out
So much less
I got it all worked out
There's little left
and I'm feeling less
so I seem to second guess
whenever I feel happy
I stop and make a mess
fuck it all up
or wait for someone else to
because there's little left to do
when there's little left to be
when all the world's feeling
is fed up with this guy named me.
So much stress
I got it all worked out
So little rest
I got it all worked out
So much less
I got it all worked out
I'm feeling empty like a beer bottle
unbalanced and worth five cents
Got little left to work out
except for the labor that I'm paid for
and the more and more
that I never get time for
Whether I'm eating or awake
I got no time to prepare
for all this work that is coming to me
because I got to get it all done
or else I wouldn't be my mother's son.
So much stress
I got it all worked out
So little rest
I got it all worked out
So much less
I got it all worked out
I feel what I feel
and i
:icondyrwen:dyrwen 2 4
I keep waiting for the moment
to look up from my monitor,
only to find that everything of Hers
is gone
and everything of mine
doesn't matter at all.
I'm lost in a sea of light
as the metal wraps around my torso
and the whole of the world stops
to remind me that I'm going to die
only to let me off at the last moment
upon impact as glass shatters around me
instead of into me.
There's time enough to look right
and see Her lying there unaware
in shock from the impact of the crash,
but I've been trapped in this car
for months
and I can only hope
that now that we've stopped tumbling
end over end
and hit a wall
that she'll notice we're not on the road
I climb out and press against old bruises
remembering times when I cared,
frustrations trapped under skin
from the too many times I've tried.
There's nothing left of the car
but she's still unscathed,
as she hoped the whole time
that the car would be okay
and that we could keep on driving
toward some other spot
where tumbling end over e
:icondyrwen:dyrwen 2 2
Good Enough
I'm sorry
doesn't seem
good enough.
To take all you've hoped for
and dash it on the floor
before our broken marriage
and two good years
in between our five full years
seems harsh.
Harsh doesn't seem
good enough
to describe the bite
that having to end it myself
leaves on my own skin.
I keep waiting
for it all to go back
to the way it was
when I didn't question
my lack of emotion
and simply embraced
whatever feeling you had
for me.
To take myself at anything
but different
was foolish from the start,
when all I know how to do
is try to get along
as normal relationships
pass me by.
Normal seems like a strong word
but it accurately describes
that thing that everyone else has
that I do not know how to get.
I'm sorry
doesn't seem
good enough
to stop myself
from choking back frustration,
my only recognizable emotion,
at not being able to be
what I'm supposed to be:
human enough.
Maybe it'll work out
and I'll get used to
all the tiny things
disappearing from my life
and all the crap that's left
:icondyrwen:dyrwen 2 0
Atlas in Present
The weight felt too lumbering,
and I knew we both shared it
so I took it away
when I knew we'd both had enough
and threw our world away.
I picked the universe up
and stepped out
into a world I had kneeled upon
for so many years
without thinking to ask:
Why bear this weight at all
even if I share it still?
The burden is not yet lifted
and my shoulders still sag,
but I know the world
sitting above me
is one I chose to see.
The world I'm stuck with
is one where burdens shift
with every day and choice
and I find new worlds to carry
and pass on to those who wish it.
I am a bearer of worlds
and I walk with a hunch,
feeling that initial weight
looming over my past,
but I walk just the same
deliverying myself
to every world I choose to see
and conquering it's weight
without stuttering in step.
:icondyrwen:dyrwen 3 0
Relish Jimi by tilenti Relish Jimi :icontilenti:tilenti 65 20 Spring is approaching by xSchattenkindx Spring is approaching :iconxschattenkindx:xSchattenkindx 155 31 274. by Bullter 274. :iconbullter:Bullter 5,490 483 CE use only by tassou CE use only :icontassou:tassou 45 21
I clean a fork
wash the filth
of a neglected sink
off its metal.
I throw old towels
into the laundry
and clean them
one load at a time.
I try to put together
the pieces of routine
that tie together my life
with that of reality
So that I don't sleep
so that I don't drink
so that I don't smoke
but I do these things anyway
to avoid feeling hungry
to take the pain away
to drive thought
from my brain during the day.
I clean a fork
but I can't wash the filth
of struggling from my skin
no matter how hard I work
the sink sits neglected
and my life loses its hold.
I clean towels
and know that my other half
has old skin cells
buried in the towels I carry,
but I can only clean them off
and try not to be as devoid
of action
as her.
It makes me sound like I hate
when all I do is love.
I try so hard to find a path
to bring our life to its peak
but all I get is nods,
growls, a bipolar choice
to choose nothing.
I want this filth to go away
and for our life to be as clean
as it once was,
so that I can
:icondyrwen:dyrwen 2 1
doobie did by HippieVan57 doobie did :iconhippievan57:HippieVan57 1,615 596 My freedom begins here by celsojunior My freedom begins here :iconcelsojunior:celsojunior 2,068 594 Fairy Tale by erinightwind Fairy Tale :iconerinightwind:erinightwind 6 0 Break Away by erinightwind Break Away :iconerinightwind:erinightwind 3 7 Gold Sea by juliedillon Gold Sea :iconjuliedillon:juliedillon 6,420 335
Eternity and Burnt Toast
How can I ignore each soul
That holds inherent eternity
Potential of the highest call
Or despair of deepest grief
A cosmic reality that stretches
As deepest calling unto deep
And yet I complain
About my burnt toast
And my sore throat
And my ink that runs dry

Like paper-thin gauze that covers
Stuck taut across my cheeks
Pin hole light, dampened breath
And limited oxygen supplies
Gasping for air-not-of-this-world
Tired recognition of compromise
And I find no words
And my throat hurts
And I'm late for work
And the pen has run dry

Lord, please be my centre
And may Your kingdom come
Let this reality's duality
Unveil before my eyes,
To confront my gaze - my heart
And to sear again my mind
And You give the words
And You shine Your light
Although my throat is hurting
And the toast is burnt
:icongracelikerain316:gracelikerain316 21 35



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