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SOLD- RCB Nuits Sans Etoiles

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SOLD TO ballenclieff 

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 RCB Nuits Sans Étoilles (Nights Without Stars)
Name: Nuit
Breed: Thoroughbred
Registered: Not yet
Gender: Filly
Age: Yearling
Height: to make 173cm
Colors: Splash White on Smoky Black
Eye color: blue
Discipline: All rounder
Personality: Nuit is all you could ask her for a horse. Being quite the little mind reader she is, Nuit will always do everything in her powers to do what you ask of her and do it well. Her very sharp turns, quick learning skills, lovely movements and eagerness will make a perfect steed for any discipline. We are hoping she will do everything from Eventing to cutting, roping and endurance. 
- Peppermints are something she can live off!
- Adores any stable animals 
- A sweetheart with other horses
- Bombproof. Seriously. The building crashed around me? *blink, blink* Oh, what a pity
- Very sensitive so doesn't require too much of anything, except cuddles.
- Only soft halters only please!!! If they are padded- even better.

Rider/Handler: to be added


------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDS: unknown
----------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown

Art: (journal to be added)
Commission by xbarebackponiesx 
Race Day by LightningTheif

1. Shitlet
2. Hidden-Hollow-Ranch
3. Mine
4. closed
5. closed
6. closed
7. closed
8. closed
9. closed
10. closed

Original design: (OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH Hidden-Hollow-Ranch )
Reference: NONE, pfft, who needs refs? jk, my own pics

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ballenclieff's avatar
She's for sale??? :O 

Do you have a preference for art or points??
Dancing-Ponies's avatar
Don't mind either 🙈 what's your offer? ❤️
ballenclieff's avatar
A couple of training pics of horses of your choice?
Dancing-Ponies's avatar
Go for it... Do however many you feel like of Snap Back to Reality…
ballenclieff's avatar
Don't know if you saw these yet! 
Snap Back to Reality Training 3 by ballenclieff
Snap Back to Reality Training 2 by ballenclieff

If you'd like me to do anymore then please let me know!!
Dancing-Ponies's avatar
Thank you so much! xx
All yours :love:
ballenclieff's avatar
ballenclieff's avatar
any kinda training specifically? does he have training tack/a specific rider? 
Dancing-Ponies's avatar
Any, not too advanced, discipline

Rider and tack seen here:
ballenclieff's avatar
i am still doing this, just delayed!
Dancing-Ponies's avatar
It's sort of been a month... :XD: But ok
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SkyWolfSpirit's avatar
Is she still for sale?
Nobilitas-EC's avatar
Hey, this is the stable account for Shitlet, and in theory, you were supposed to return the horse to me if you no longer wanted it. I have no use for it however so just let me know who buys it :) 
Dancing-Ponies's avatar
Oh gosh... I'm so sorry :blush: I forget things like this at times :saddummy:
I will make sure to let you know :heart:
Shitlet's avatar
Hey I just wanted to say that we've changed our stable name, so the prefix has been changed to RCB. If you could change it that'd be great, sorry for inconvenience ;)
Dancing-Ponies's avatar
:XD: aww... That doesn't fit her French theme but ok :P
Shitlet's avatar
well the title is french too (royal cheval belge) but hey sorry lmao
Shitlet's avatar
i'm really looking forwards to seeing what you do with her, this looks phenomenal :D
Dancing-Ponies's avatar
I'm still trying to decide what pose to draw her in! :P Any ideas?
Shitlet's avatar
bucking like the tru badass that she is 
Hidden-Hollow-Ranch's avatar
Dancing-Ponies's avatar
Than you so much once again I still can't believe... Oh my god :faint:
you have a breeding slot which you may use any time after she has aged and feel free to do pretty much anything with this girly! I really do owe you :hug:
Hidden-Hollow-Ranch's avatar
Pffft don't owe me at all! Love helping out people when i can <3 
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