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I Didn't Sign Up for This

Here's the new rider of Silverside Equestrian Centre! Just as she joined in with our team.... She was sent off to Askeboda with the wonderful stallion, Snap Back to Reality

About the rider-
Full Name: Caitlyn Rose Giles
Nicknames: Caitlyn, Cat
Age: 23
Birthday: February 14
Sexuality: Lesbian
Personality: You will have to wait and see :stare:

Caitlyn hasn’t been a member of the Silverside Equestrian for long but just long enough to realise that all the members were very competitive and really tough in general. The two studs of the team, Sasha and Toby, took their jobs extremely seriously as did the two girls who were the owners of the facilities. She had got to know them all fairly well since she started living in the same flat as the four of them. Two days ago Jessica came up to her trying to look serious but failing miserably. Toby was leaning on the door behind Jess, smirking and indicating that she wasn’t in any sort of trouble. 

“Good morning to you, beautiful!” Jessica smiled her naughty grin. Caitlyn moaned in displeasure. Jessica being teasing was not a good sign. She had found that out already. “You ready for a trip?” Jessica giggled, “I packed your bags already!” Caitlyn stared at her for a few seconds, expecting an explanation. “Sasha’s just getting TK ready… I’ve written up his feeding schedule and I’ll expect texts after every ride with updates as to how he went.” This is when Caitlyn realised what exactly Jessica was talking about. She had overheard Melissa and Sasha chatting about keeping one of the horses in a different livery stables to try out some different training methods. The owner of Askeboda was partially in charge of the HARPGworld’s Riding School and the first training system they were going to try out was none other than HAPRGworld Schooling.


“Why am I doing this again? Oh yes. Because I was stupid enough to find myself a job at that stupid stable with all these stupid horses and now I’m stuck here in the cold riding a horse I’ve barely ridden before who doesn’t know shit…” Caitlyn mumbled all of this under her breath, all long struggling to maintain balance and keep hold of the strong headed stallion. (I can't be bothered to finish this now >.>)

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