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No chance

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one old work =D
just found it in my computer and remembered how i`ve missed Valen!=) the most normal male romancable character in all games of Bioware to my mind...
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A half-demon with random homicidal urges is the *most* normal romancable male? Eh, can't quite agree with that, but he's my favorite nonetheless.
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I would love to see more advanced Valen's romance. He's one of my favourite romanceable characters from games, and in my opinion, Bioware didnt used the whole potential of the relationships in Hotu.
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valen forever girl :)
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I really agree with your pc XD
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So do I! XD
oh, Valen...=D
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He is really the cutest ^^
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I never played the first one ever...after I met Sand my heart and soul were taken by that gorgeous moon elf!
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oh, you should play the first =D it`s amazing game=)
and Sand.. He is so cool, but unromancable charater T_T it is very pity=(
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There were people making a Sand romance mod...they actually are working on it but you know with people they can change their minds or get busy. I would play the game again if I could be his love!
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I totally agree. Valen is awesome :D
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yeah, he is nice one =D
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Awww, cute! And I agree.
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I miss Valen. Remember when love in games was simple and had a happy ending? *Sighs, goes to play more Dragon Age*
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oh that is true!

i miss happy ending =D
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I do like Bishop- but you are right Valen is the most normal one, for endings that is :D
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i liked bishop until the moment he`d betrayed me=D
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Well I just do the evil ending- that solves everything :D
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"Normal" being a half-gentleman-half-bloodcrazed-tiefling here. That's saying something. XD

I think I prefer Gann's character arc, though. Valen's a great character, but his change from sober distrust to everlasting love is a bit more ordinary than all the ways Gann changes.

The comic is hilariously done, though. :D
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=D yeah, he is absolutly normal!)
well, HotU is a rather old game and at that "ancient" times developers couldn`t realise great lovestory, as they did in nwn2, i guess...=)
Gann is charming, too, of course, but Valen causes nostalgia in me =D
(my english is awful but i hope, it`s understandable)
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