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The Wind-sword.  Beautiful!
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Maid: And this is the Kaze-Ken's Royal Quarters. We just had it refurbished for your arrival. We hope that everything is to your liking.

Janus didn't speak. His eyes were fixated on the large mural next to his bed. 

Maid: Is there something wrong, m'lord?

The prince made his way to the mural. It was of his father, the original Pale King, holding Amnion in his hands. 

Janus: All is fine. I just.....need to be alone right now.

Maid: Ah, as you wish.

Janus: Make sure no one disturbs me.

Maid: Yes m'lord.

The maid left the room, leaving Janus to turn his attention back to the mural. There were two smaller figures by the Pale King's sides. To the right was Janus himself, and to the left was his ........estranged sister. Janus looked up to his father's face.

Janus: Don't worry, father.

His mouth curled into a sinister smile.

Janus: Your throne is in good hands.

His gaze turned to the figure at the left. The figure of his sister, Cora.

Janus: As for you........

He soon stood in front of his sister's image.

Janus: We will meet again, sister......and when we do......

From beneath his cape he drew his vibrosword, its blade glowing a vivid azure hue.

Janus:...... I won't hold back.

A storm of sparks ensued as he violently slashed at the image in front of him. Every strike left a smoldering gash in the wall. After a few moments the prince ceased, taking a moment to regain his breath before looking at his work. Cora's image was nothing more than a black stain on the wall. 
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Danarogon-AP Digital Artist
Hahaha, I love it. It's interesting how my work seems to attract writers, always fun to read what they come up with using my vague setting. You also captured the rivalry I imagined between Janus and Cora perfectly (and you just made me realize I haven't posted anything of Janus yet. I should correct that).

Also, just a few minors corrections that are not your fault but my vague writing's fault.

The "Pale King" isn't the title for the ruler of the Empire in Amnion, it is the unofficial name given to the current ruler of one of it's Vassal states, who happens to be the first born and heir of the Emperor.
Janus and Cora respectively are the Emperor's last of a long list of children. After Cora's exile, Janus was given the title of Duke of Dis, a trading hub between the Empire and the Pagan Nations. 
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What can I say? Your work is quite inspiring. Also, I would love to see you do something with Janus.
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Is it bigger than the Acrosome?
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Danarogon-AP Digital Artist
Tricky question because the Kaze-Ken is thecnically an Acrosome class carrier too. Acrosome is a class given to the largest and oldest ships in Amnion, but their size and shape vary, some are much smaller than The Kaze-ken while others dwarf it.

The Kaze-Ken is mostly a new ship though, the only "Acrosome" part of it is the massive engine that the new structure was built around.
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I love the atmosphere here, the scale...I love the way the shadow on the red ship's left wing hints at a surface plane, but there is no real edge to speak of...your brain just puts one in there...dude this is everything I want to be able to do.
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Danarogon-AP Digital Artist
Here is the breakdown: Get some 3D modeling software (recommend Blender because it's free) learn to use it, make simple models for objects or scenes, paint over them in Photoshop, and stay away from pressure for opacity, that shit is heresy and makes new artists' digital paintings look like mud. learn first to paint with solid, no pressure sense brushes and only use smooth, low opacity brushes extremely sparingly.

I recommend you to check out space art tutorials for photoshop, and as many as possible, though space art might not be your thing, the various tutorials will tend to show you different tools in photoshop you might not have known before, you'll probably not use them all, but it'll be helpful to know they exist for the few cases they are needed.

I also recommend you to find tools to help you where you are weaker, for example: I hate doing prespective work, so I use Blender to compensate. If I want smooth lines, I'll open lazy nezumi to smooth them out. Never get stuck with the "But it's cheating" mentality, we aren't living in the times one had to gather ingredients to make paint, you are using a PC, as long as it helps making your image better, everything is fair game (Unless of course stealing someone else's work).

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Thanks for taking time to give me the helpful advice!  Points all noted. Cheers! :)
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chouderrStudent Digital Artist
i will be the 100th comment!! pointless achievement get. love your work btw 
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love the palette, and the shapes!
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SwedenballHobbyist General Artist
Those colours.
Those. Colours.
Your art is amazing.
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Danarogon-AP Digital Artist
thx :0
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this was put into the cringeworthy tag, WHY ? this is pure art, no cringe element
possible one of the best art i can find in deviantart
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Danarogon-AP Digital Artist
"desu", "furry", "iwanttodie" and "kawaii" don't exactly describe my work either, I just have a strange sense of humor :B
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very nice makes me want to play homeworld 2 again
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Danarogon-AP Digital Artist
Do it <3
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JakeKeenStudent Digital Artist
Once again, awesome.
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Wow, so nice looking...
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johnbtyHobbyist Traditional Artist
That is breathtaking, I love it!
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Danarogon-AP Digital Artist
Thank you :)
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BlakGardeHobbyist Artist
... This has a major homeworld vibe to it, at least for me. Great work, makes me curious if there's a backstory to it XD
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Danarogon-AP Digital Artist
Thank you. All of my artworks in my "Amnion" folder danarogon-ap.deviantart.com/ga… share a common setting, each containing a bit more information about the world, though it's all a bit vague. If you interested in a larger info dump, this outta satisfy your curiosity:

Amnion by Danarogon-AP
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