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"The Undying Emperor, the immortal King of Kings and most powerful man in Amnion who ruled over a hundred years, was, above all other things, an uncaring man. He could have had anything he ever wanted, yet nothing of it was earned, and though he never admitted it to himself, he knew that was a fact. To him, it all felt empty. Often starting petty conquests for lands belonging to no one and seeking earthly pleasures to alleviate his ever growing absence of drive, none of it worked.
One day however, death knocked on his door. Cora, one his youngest daughters, had killed herself after murdering her own twin brother, Janus. Finally reminded of his own inevitable mortality. The Emperor was consumed, but not by sorrow, but by fear and anger. Death has for the first time stepped on his temple, and taken away something that belonged to him. Felling insulted like he never has, he decided to Insult death back! Using the old machines of brighter ages, he used two of his vessels that he had spent so much time and resources growing, and gave them to his deceased twins. The false twins became true, and air filled their lungs. Death was beaten by him once more! Yet, fear never left. Afraid Cora would repeat the act that birthed his fear, He gave her the oldest of the two vessels and a Royal Carrier so she could be exiled and never be seen again in the inner worlds. Yet, fear never left. Madness eventually grew it's roots. As time went by, he only trusted Janus, the child he brought to life in is own image, a perfect being whose life was unfairly taken away. This trust was misplaced however, and one day, Janus ended the Immortal's reign, and the Great Succession War began."

"... You are Cora from this story... Right?"

"It's funny, After he brought me back, he never asked me why I did what I did. He just threw me in this ship and told me to begone. Now... I have to see his face every time I see myself in the mirror... Such an uncaring and weak man."

No joke. That text took longer for me to write than it took for me to make the freaking picture ;P
And since I'm not used to writing such long texts, please don't be afraid to point out some of my mistakes, I'll gladly thank you and correct them as soon as possible. :)
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I really like the story here. I got the impression that they where clones but it took some figuring out and confirming the theory from your reply bellow. It could definitely be clearer as to what Janus and Cora really are. There are also a couple typos here and there but nothing earth shattering. "I look myself into a mirror" may sound better as "I have to see his face every time I see myself in the mirror"

Other then those couple points stellar work! cant wait for more on the mad king =P
Danarogon-AP's avatar
Glad at least someone liked it ;P

Eh, dunno. kinda liked not specifying directly what the siblings were meant to be, and I somewhat regret correcting Tzyylon since he interpreted it in his own way. I'll try to avoid doing that from now on. Though I could have probably worded the whole thing better, but I suppose that is also true to the whole story :p
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Absolutely! I totally get the sprinkling of mystery, I tend to do that in my writing as well, definitely keep the main body of work, just a couple of tweaks is all I suggest, maybe a line or two that explains that they are physical recreations of their father and not programmed into the ships or something. The mystery works great for your illustrations though, gives the impression that this world is very far future with some concepts beyond our modern comprehension.
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Engineer 1: (whispers) Should... we tell him we just cloned their brains onto AI matrices?
Engineer 2: (whispers) Dude. He's well over a hundred and just lost his kids. Let him have this.
Engineer 1: (whispers) Well, I mean, those are warships. I think... do we know why Cora killed her brother?
Engineer 2: (whispers) What, you think having a murderous AI in charge of a warship is a bad thing? She killed herself too!
Engineer 1: (whispers) That's... those are not points in her favor.
Engineer 2: (whispers) Look. He said he's going to send the Cora off into exile. It'll be fine!
Engineer 1: (whispers) Mm - yeah, I just can't shake the feeling this is gonna come back and bite us in the a--
Engineer 2: (whispers) ... my friend, when you tell this story, kindly embellish the f*ck out of it and don't mention me.
Engineer 1: (whispers) When I use the phrase "as time went by" do you think people will assume years or seconds? I hope years.

(Seriously though I enjoyed the short story, and as a writer, humbly extend an offer of help if you should ever need it!)
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They are actually supposed to be clones of their father. Hence why I said the "vessels" had to "grow", "air filled their lungs" and "I have to see his face every time I look myself into a mirror".  Asides from that. I busted out laughing at "YOU HAVE BETRAYED ME!!" xD

(Why do you think it took me so long to write that piece of c̶r̶a̶p̶  literature? I'm in need of professional help xD)
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