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Border Control Station

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The Reis Empire is ancient and tremendously vast. It monopolized all travel between the inner layers of Amnion by controlling all of its Gateways and charted shell caves. But despite their long history of expansionism. Their borders end at the Tannhäuser Gate. The one Gate the Empire does not hold control over. The Gateway to the Pagan Lands. Many invasion attempts by the Empire were done trough the millennia, but all failed to cut trough the well defended choke point. Unable to expand trough the Tannhäuser gate, the Empire built the Border Control Stations. Thousands of watch towers, each with its own flag, each with its own fleet and army, each its own vassal kingdom, but all sworn to protect the Empire from the Pagan hordes, and from whatever else may lay beyond their lands.
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LeGrandFeuNew Deviant

Admirablement! I love it. The history of this picture as exiting as the view! Great work!

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DBrentOGaraHobbyist Digital Artist

Beautiful! :D What an immense history they must have... so nice to see the edge of civilization so clearly! :nod:

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As always you make me want to zoom in even closer to see all the intricate details in the work.

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Beautiful as ever

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slybrarianHobbyist Digital Artist


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chouderrStudent Digital Artist

so does this mean your still gonna be posting to DA?

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Danarogon-AP Digital Artist

Naw. I only uploaded this to bait a Daily Deviation out of Deviant art to troll them a bit.

Which did work until they took it down.

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chouderrStudent Digital Artist


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B-BKHobbyist General Artist

This piece is mindblowing.

Amazing job, you're a great inspiration !

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GigasGhostsHobbyist Digital Artist

is it... not a Daily Deviation anymore? or am I missing something?

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Danarogon-AP Digital Artist

Nope. They removed it. lmfao

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I feel the same about eclipse.

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Congrats on the Daily Deviation! (:

Have a nice day and stay safe! ❤️

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Danarogon-AP Digital Artist

Thank you. But I'm afraid it is no longer a daily deviation anymore. LOL

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Agreed. The only thing I like about the new Eclipse is the black background. I hate everything else. I hate it so much that I'm giving up on DeviantArt for a while. I will be back later to see if it gets better. Bye everyone!

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What's Eclipse? Not that I care....

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Danarogon-AP Digital Artist

Deviant Art's "updated" website.

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AeonofthelightHobbyist Traditional Artist

Heh, clever.

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Chris000Student Traditional Artist

Ah the infamous Tannhauser Gate makes another appearance!

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Joseamigo58New Deviant
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Silviux93abletvHobbyist Artist
Cool the draw remember something about star wars
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soulSmith1Student General Artist


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ScorpidilionProfessional Photographer

Great work! :thumbsup: ;)

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Please ignore me, I am just a brain fart coming through.

Reis Empire, the Kartoffel Tribes, the United States of Weizen...

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