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Metal Gear Solid Fan-art

By DanarArt
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showing my love for MGS
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Visited your gallery coz of this artwork.
Do keep up the excellent work!
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NICE freaking good actually
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Hate to be that guy but... Wrong eye. But everything else, fucking great.
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nah the thing is I had it mirrored last min and didnt find out after i posted it haha! so u and i were right ! thanks
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Amazing art tho. Honestly.
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only one thing on here you missed, big boss 's horn and eye patch should be on his right side(from his perspective) not his left, same goes for raiden his bandage should be on the left but it's nothing a simple mirror edit can't fix
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How can I get a print of this??
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elrubiusOMG: OMG omg dude this is perfect
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These look absolutely amazing! I love the lighting but I really love at how smooth it looks such as Snake's clothing in the far right. Beautiful detail and coloring.
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Haha, Buff, not so pretty Raiden made my day!! Awesome work!!!
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Good technique, I think you have another Watcher ;)
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nice work here, well done!!
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Do you think love can bloom, even on the battlefield?
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you know, besides getting old, having a bad back, and dying at possibly anytime from a nano virus, Solid Snake really made it out unscathed... oh and probably some SERIous psychological damage... 
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ERMAHGAWD! It is so gorgeous and beautiful!!
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These are beautiful!
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