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Big bad Sith lord

By DanarArt
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Liked the new one a lot. Empire Strikes back is still my fav ! 

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Had to do a reverse image search to find the original but it was worth it. I figured it could be official art but couldn't be sure. So pleased to find the original image and its "author." You did StarWars so much justice with this image. I can feel the tension and movement and dread in the piece.

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A scene such as this needs no background music, no Imperial March, no John Williams filling in half of what the imagery lacks for evocation of emotion. No, and again, no. This scene is perfect in silence. Only the sound of the Imperial fighters and the impact of the Walkers on the sand are needed for full emotional impact upon the viewer. Whoever created this is a Imperial propagandist in heart and soul.

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WOW!... Very great work!
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Amazing...Great work, great artist
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that mammoth in the back.......
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nice job on the drawing!!!!
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Hi there! On May 4th I’m hosting an online event of Star Wars fan art. It’s not a contest nor is there any money involved or anything like that. Just somewhere people can mark the occasion by sharing art of theirs if they have it or just to look and discover new artists and their work. 

I was wondering if I could include this piece? Of course I’ll be sure to include credit and a link to your page.

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yeah sure man go ahead ! 
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Excellent! Many thanks.

Here’s the link to where it will be displayed if you want to make sure everything is on the up and up. And if you have any more work you’d like to share, please feel free…as longs as it’s Star Wars related, of course :)…

Han Solo Salute 
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Excellent work!

This looks amazing and really cool! Clap  :D (Big Grin) 
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Excellent work, first up.

Can't help feeling nearly everything is a bit "thick".
Is the image stretched sideways slightly by any chance?
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really neat work !
Why no sandtrooper uniform thought ? (still great anyway)
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It will be hard to pin this on the sand people.
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At least they're not "combing" the desert, like those other guys...
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Cause they won't find shit
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Even more amazing that was line spoken by a future Vulcan Starfleet officer...
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Amazing art work, well done.
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The Force is strong with this one....(sorry, couldn't help it!  It's an amazing picture!)
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Amazing! That's all that I can say. :)
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