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I Don't Ship It 2

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Like I said, go ahead and rage at me, because I don't like these shippings either. Warning, there maybe some ships here that were on the previous one:

1. Raven and Beast Boy
2. Gumball and Penny
3. Gumball and Darwin
4. Penny and Leslie
5. Lincoln and Ronnie Anne
6. Robin and Starfire
7. Clare and Jared
8. Lori and Bobby
9. Raven and Starfire
10. Cyborg and Jinx
11. Lincoln and Clyde
12. Alan and Masami
13. Toph and Sokka
14. Aang and Katara
15. Steven and Connie
16. Luna and Sam

Original meme can be found here: www.deviantart.com/sapphireque…

My first version can be found here: www.deviantart.com/danalclubsi…
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Lincoln: (to Lori) Your boyfriend?! How can Bobby be your boyfriend?! How could leave another boy for him?!

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Lori: I have no idea....

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Well, if you don't ship Ronnie Anne with Lincoln, then who do you ship Lincoln with?

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I'm not really into the shipping community, but if I had to pick a character to ship him with, it would be either Stella or Penny Gadget.

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No joke, I'd rather eat several spoonfuls of ghost pepper sauce than ship Lori x Bobby because it's one of the most cliche and irritating ships in the cartoon world.
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I see. Well, BullyXVictim ships are my least favorite kind of ships. I think there should be an episode of Loud House where it's revealed that Lincoln still harbors some hatred for Ronnie Anne for what she did to him when she still lived in Royal Woods.
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i've always been kinda neutral on lincoln x ronnie anne , on 1 hand , it makes for a good perverted relationship , but on the other , it feels kinda forced , both in-universe and out-of-universe
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Nevertheless, shipping a bully with their victim is COMPLETELY unforgivable.
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well as long as you're not rude , i'll respect your opinion
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I'm not into Penball either
(In fact in some worlds Gumball is paired with another Male character but in one he's with a female cat character)
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i can respect that , even though i don't COMPLETELY agree with it
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