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Group :iconourarea51: is holding a contest "Christmas in the Air". Christmas IS really in the air, and we are all waiting for it and reflecting it in our works, so why not choose the best reflection of Christmasy mood in art?

For the contest we accept ANY Christmas-related art in any media, three entries from each person. Of course only members of the group can participate in the contest.

The contest starts on 25 November and ends 25 December, 00:00 GMT.
Contest entries must be submitted to the folder "Christmas in the Air" and must have this text in the comment box: Entry for the contest "Christmas in the Air" held by :iconourarea51:

:dance: Prizes: :dance:

1st place
:bulletgreen: 200 points
:bulletgreen: comission drawing from :iconphilippel: or :iconmirachravaia:

2nd place
:bulletgreen: 150 points

3rd place
:bulletgreen: 100 points

Honourable mentions (if there are any)
:bulletgreen: 20 points

:star: All the winners will get features from :icondanaanderson:, :iconlirulin-yirth:, :iconjocelyner:, :iconphilippel: and :iconmirachravaia:



A little bit about our group in general:

We decided to organize this group to gather art and artists we like. Our interests are quite versatile and most of the groups accept only a certain type or theme of art, be it only photography, only fractals, only fantasy.. In our group we'd like to see it all!

So welcome, everybody! Follow the rules ourarea51.deviantart.com/about…, be nice and we hope everything goes well. If you have any suggestions for favourites, or if you want to invite your friends to our group, feel free to do so. We are always glad to see new art!

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:thumbsup: The group chooses Deviation of the Week from different categories regularly. :thumbsup:
:boogie: Winners of this month: :boogie:

Fantasy drawing and paintings

Gandalf the Grey by AdorindiL Fire Lady by DanaAnderson

Fractal and abstract art

Magic night by svet-svet Deep Purple by relhom Seasonal beauty by MirachRavaia A heart for a heart by Lirulin-yirth

Nature photography

Glory of Fall 1 by Brian-B-Photography Raining on the Mountains by JocelyneR Water and Stone by MirachRavaia Hidden tarn by MirachRavaia Fall Leaves 11-5-10 by Tailgun2009 Point Wolfe by Brian-B-Photography

Animal photography

If Only: The Shelter Project by TeaPhotography Fathead by cindy1701d Hand to Hand... by JocelyneR The Sky is Falling by Tailgun2009 Royal Couple by MirachRavaia Beauty Behind Bars by mim304 :thumb183482617: foot and foot by MirachRavaia

:iconcuteicondivider2plz: :iconcuteicondivider2plz: :iconcuteicondivider2plz: :iconcuteicondivider2plz: :iconcuteicondivider2plz: :iconcuteicondivider2plz: :iconcuteicondivider2plz: :iconcuteicondivider2plz: :iconcuteicondivider2plz:

:dance: Some group favourites: :dance:

:thumb178831321: Cat by Sonia-Rebelo Beyond My Reach by La-Vita-a-Bella From Puppy Through Adulthood by DTortie We Have the Softest Bed by La-Vita-a-Bella Hungarian skies pt.LXVII. by realityDream Playtime by DTortie If Looks Could Kill by Houndofthenight Maldivian Sunset by relhom Touched by a Succubus by Rickbw1 christmas dream_2 by svetlost70 Hope and Trust by heavenriver cat 6 by alrasyid :thumb179704939:

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Momotte2's avatar
I'm so happy to be in the winners !! thanks for the 120 points ! :glomp: :dance:
DanaAnderson's avatar
Congratulations to you! :D Have you got only 120 points so far? Then I think some time later you'll get the rest of 50 points you got. May be the donator is a bit late.
Momotte2's avatar
I just received 50 points from dear Philippel !! :dance: :glomp:
DanaAnderson's avatar
Oh yes! I was right, it needed some time to be ok. Congrats on your winning!
Momotte2's avatar
aww !! I'm so happy !! :love: :glomp:
Momotte2's avatar
Yes 100 points from :iconmk-kayem: and 20 from you but don't worry my sweet friend , I was so happy to win ! :dance: :boogie:
DanaAnderson's avatar
I think it needs time a bit only. :hug:
manic-goose's avatar
So if I wanted to submit this :[link] and this: [link] how do I do it exactly?
DanaAnderson's avatar
First of all you have to be a member of the group and then you will be able to submit it to the folder "Christmas in the Air". Also you have to add the phrase "An entry for the contest "Christmas in the Air" held by :iconourarea51: " to the comment of your deviation.
Beautiful works by the way!
manic-goose's avatar
Ok, I'm going to join the group now...

then I'll edit the comments after I have been accepted.

Thanks, I figured I had to do something like that, but I couldn't find the information.
DanaAnderson's avatar
We got your submission.
Momotte2's avatar
Sorry , I didn't put the thumb of my work here :blush:
DanaAnderson's avatar
It's ok! Thank you for submitting your entry to the contest! :D
Momotte2's avatar
A pleasure for me ! :hug:
Momotte2's avatar
I submit my work for the contest ! :dance:
philippeL's avatar
I am very pleased to be amon prize donors :wave:
DanaAnderson's avatar
I also hope you'll take part in the contest! I'd love to see your works in it!
philippeL's avatar
Probably I'll have some.
JohnBoy756's avatar
Wonderful Feature and Awesome Contest!!!!!
I am working on an image for Christmas and may enter it.
DanaAnderson's avatar
Wow! That's great! Waiting for your entry! :dance: And thank you for support! :D
sesam-is-open's avatar
Wonderful feature, indeed!
Congratulations for the article!:rose:
DanaAnderson's avatar
Thank you for support! It means a lot to us!
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