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Baybayin Boxed Type Font

1 min read
This is my second set of Baybayin font. It’s a bit recognizable than the last one (Baybayin Kata Font).

There are slight changes in the use of kudlit and sabát (virama). Between the vowels “e and I” – e with two kudlit and i has one; and “o and u” – o with one kudlit and u with two.  Also, the virama or cross kudlit is  looking more like a capital letter “T” than a “+”.

If you prefer to write in the Spanish “reformed” Baybayin system, the cross-shaped kudlít (+) can be typed by using the underscore/low line key ( _ ), instead of the plus/equal key ( +/= ). It cancels the vowel sound that is always pronounced with any consonant of the Baybayin.

For the letter j with a phonetic sound of “diya”, type  j. In this particular set of font, I combined “d” with a virama followed by ”ya” , incorporated as one key stroke.
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Customized Comments Section: Rendering Baybayin

2 min read
Isn’t it cool to type in our very own language script? I mean our native alphasyllabary (not alphabet) which is Baybayin, incorrectly known as Alibata. Although, Baybayin has been long forgotten by today’s generation. There is one living script that is being used in the southern part of our archipelago, - Surat Mangyan.

Anyway, there are other Baybayin like Pámagkulit (Súlat Kapampangan), Hanunóo and Buhid (Surat Mangyan), Suwat Bisaya, Tagbanua, Basahan (Bikol Script) and of course the Tagalog Script, which I am using in this site. I didn’t know that these scripts actually existed/exists. And there are a lot of variations, distinct similarities and differences. Considering that in today’s time, I and other Baybayin enthusiasts created our own Baybayin WebFonts. These webfonts are of course based/patterned in the preserved documents (with Baybayin writings) and to some extent created for graphics and arts for today’s generation.

And so, on to the actual topic of this post. Last year, I was able to embedded a Baybayin typepad in my Blogspot site. The Typepad was created by Marfeal Santiago and modified by JC John Sese Cuneta. Back then, typing and then copy-pasting is the only solution I knew to post comments and posts. The other day, as I was visiting this site after six months of hiatus I came up with an idea of editing my comments section so that it would render Baybayin and lift me the burden of copy-pasting comments and articles.

Continue reading in Titik Ninuno and find out how to switch between Latin and Baybayin Script.
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2-Year Hiatus. ^^

1 min read
I guess I'm back. Hmn... it's been two years since I last updated this webspace.
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Baybayin Boxed Type Font by dan3ru, journal

Customized Comments Section: Rendering Baybayin by dan3ru, journal

2-Year Hiatus. ^^ by dan3ru, journal