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Titik Ninuno

Header for my Baybayin website. [LINK]
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Recently added your Baybayin Header to my Favorites.
When will you post my Baybayin fonts in your website?
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Sorry been away for a couple of months. I'll start posting your fonts this week. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again.
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Your Baybayin website looks nice.

How about joining our Deviantart group called BaybayinEnthusiasts: [link]
There, you can share your thoughts about Baybayin.

Aren't you planning to make your own Baybayin true type fonts?
Even I created my own Modified Baybayin Fonts:[link]

I published an e-book called "Fred's Modified Baybayin Styles".
To read my book, click [link]

Three of my Modified Baybayin fonts were featured in They are:

Maharlikang Tagalog: [link]

Alfa-Larawan: [link]

Alfa-Kinetix: [link]

What's your opinion? Please reply
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Thanks for the invite.
I just joined a few seconds ago.

I already made one Baybayin font.
It's Baybayin Kata Font. However, there are minor changes that needed to be sort out.

I recently updated my website and created/modified a Baybayin Writer Wordpress Plug-in. I will check on those fonts. Wow, featured in Omiglot. That's cool. May I also post your fonts in my site? Thanks.
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Okay, you can post my fonts.
To view and download my Modified Baybayin fonts, go to my gallery: [link]

Maharlikang Tagalog fonts and Alfa-larawan fonts are both included in my gallery.
Maharlikang Tagalog fonts can be found in page 2 of my gallery.

Most of my Baybayin fonts are in ZIP file format which contains the following files:

*True Type Font

*Transliteration Chart in PDF format

*User Guide in PDF format

I advise you to first download, install the TTF and read the Transliteration Chart & User Guide first before using the TTF. My Baybayin fonts have character mappings that are DIFFERENT from Baybayin Lopez font, Nordenx fonts, etc.

I am so sorry that there is NO TTF version of Alfa-Kinetix: [link]

PS: Please give me credit for it.

Do you have a link to your website?