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Baybayin Kata Font

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This is my first design / try of a Baybayin typeface. As the name suggests, it is somehow styled from Katakana (Japanese Script).

I have asked various Baybayin font makers like Kuya Cyph to review this font. He suggests, some of the characters are bit too much like Katakana. Specifically the La, Na, I/E, and Ta characters. And I agree. ^^

You can use this Baybayin font for pure abstraction. I am making some slight adjustments to widen the gap of differentiation between Baybayin and Katakana so that the font can be usable and readable by a larger public.

Lastly, the Nga character have a path-overlap causing a vector-cut-in.

This font is currently not available for download. But, I can drop it in your mailbox.
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hello, is it possible to get a copy of your font? thanks!