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Wreck-it Tirek

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Tirek is the bad guy from the classic video game Fix-it Twilight. But he feels underappreciated by his fellow game characters. So Tirek goes on a quest to win a medal and finely prove he can be a hero to. Along the way he befriends a candy colored filly who dreams of being a racer. Together they attempt to win the roster race and finely get the recognition they feel that they deserve.

Tirek Icon I'm bad and that's good. I will never be good and that's not bad. There is no one id rather be... Then me.
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Does this mean Rainbow Dash is Sonic?
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Rainbow Awesome Dash And remember. If you die outside your game, you don't regenerate. Game Over!
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...if Spitfire is Calhoun... and Twilight Felix...

...oh boy.
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Tirek is a giant of monster...
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This is so awesome
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Hehe thank you. :)
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Spitfire is one "dynamite gal."
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She's been programmed with the most tragic backstory ever. :D

Soarin Gasp icon Every day its the same thing! Fly to the building and fight changelings! Fly to the building and fight more changelings! I cant take it any more!
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Ha! Soarin is the coward soldier.
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So, Scootaloo's a princess the whole time? :D
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What A Twiiist! What a twist. 
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I'm gonna be honest

I would love to see this as a shirt.
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Hey if some one wants to make it into a T-shirt they are welcome :)
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Scootaloo: Tut tut. As your merciful princess I hereby decree that everyone who was ever mean to me shall be... executed.

Racers: What?!

Diamond Tiara: No no no, please please!

Twilight Sparkle: Oh my land.

Spitfire: Ahh, this place just got interesting.

(other racers are crying)

Diamond Tiara: (crying) I don’t wanna die!

Scootaloo: I’m just kidding.

Diamond Tiara: You are?

Scootaloo: Stop crying Diamond.

Diamond Tiara: I’m trying. (sniffing) It won’t stop.
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Lol i had the same idea with Diamond Tiara. Well played ;)
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And I’m going to point out that Twilight and Spitfire get married at the end.
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