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Wonder Mare

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After the assassination of princess Celestia, do to a complicated web of alliances the nations of Equestria had begun a war to end all wars. But after the industrial revolution, war could never be the same. Unicorn artillery bombardment and magically enchanted gasses had become common place on the battlefield. The griffin Luftwaffe dominated the sky under the leadership of the infamous Red Baron. Both sides are stuck in the endless trenches, unable to move an inch. Until one mare, had enough...

Been wanting to do this ever sense i saw the trailer finely got around to it. :D

Yeah i know i'm a bit late for the reference.
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:wave:Hello! :D :)
:aww: Nice picture! :clap::dance::wow:
:iconeufrosis:I like it!:blowkiss::iconpurpleheartplz:
Keep up the good work!
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Lol wow big comment. Ok let me see if i can top it...

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There ya go. And thanks :happy: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happy:  
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The only good movie DC has made since The Dark Knight trilogy.
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Hey there. VERY good artwork and info set-up. :-D
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You're extremely welcome.
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Her facial expression and the hair in her eyes is really appropriate. 
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Just a quick note (I am quite persnickety about these things):
The Imperial German Flying Corps was named the "Luftstreitkräfte" literally meaning 'German Air Force', and was active between 1910 and 1920.
The Luftwaffe, German for Air-Weapon, was the aerial warfare branch of the combined Wehrmacht and was active between 1933 and 1945.

Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen, or the "Red Baron", was a only Rittmeister (Captain) and didn't command Jagdgeschwader 1 until June of 1917.
At that time, he had 52 aerial victoies, 22 of which were from that April. By the time of his death on the 21st of April, 1918, he had 80.
He also served as a cavalry reconnaissance officer on both the Eastern and Western Fronts until 1915.
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Ok pony Kaiser chill. Were just having fun here. :D

I know about the Luftstreitkräfte. It's just that Luftwaffe is more well known so people will get the joke :)

Oh and i think your'e going to like this ;)

Maud Pie Kaiser Poster by dan232323

You may begin nitpicking! :D
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Hitler is more well-known the Kaiser Wilhelm, but would you place him as the leader of the German Empire in 1914? No.
So why do the same with Göring?
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Kaiser Wilhelm is still well known enough so there is no need to change it. But the Luftstreitkräfte is a bit more obscure to people who don't know much about WW1.

Me i know a bit about WW1, you clearly know much more about it then i do. :)
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Yes, but it's use is still nonsensical.

The First World War is my passion, and so are pastel equines.
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Well its not meant to make sense, it's just a joke. I mean come on we have a cute cuddly pony fighting in the trenches of WW1, I hope your'e not taking it to seriously. :D
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Does this look un-serious to you: Not Sure If Serious By Markmak 
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This is excellent.
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You're welcome. 
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Her face is hard to see on purpose, right?
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Well yeah the hair is blocking it. You to will have a bad hair day to if you're rushing through the mud in no mares land while being bombarded by unicorn spells. :D
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Juat bought it, saw the it, and that is my favorit scen :D
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Best scene in the movie :D
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