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The Grim Adventures of Derpy and Maud

A fitting clip for the image:…

Back when Derpy and Maud where still fillies they made a deal with death itself. If they could beat him in a game of Limbo, he would be their best friend FOREVER! Needless to say it didn’t go to well for the Grim Reaper…

Maud is all about the Rocks Shut it, bone-head...

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I think Irwin is going to be Mud Briar ;P

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It took me until right now to see this and I immediately busted a gut.

Good job as usual.

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Hey better late than never. Thanks :)

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"I hate my life"

You're a skeleton tho, Grim.
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HA HAHA HA HA!!! Oh man Grim is probably planning retirement right now!
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I'm going to be genuinely honest with you:
I'm surprised you didn't give Grim a pony form here. 
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It's funnier that way. :)
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Grim Reaper as Himself
Derpy as Billy
Maudalina Daisy "Maud" Pie as Mandy
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This reminds me of Bill And Ted's... was it Awesome Adventure???
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You mean Excellent Adventure? You know i did that parody already. :)

Snips and Snails Excellent Adventure by dan232323
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Heh! EXCELLENT, as Bill would say. Or is it Ted??? =P
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Oh, I can think of other great crossovers you might wanna try! :lol:
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Sure, what do you have? :)
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Ever tried The Nightmare Before Christmas? I have got the ideal cast: MLP TNBC recast
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Not sure why Flash Sentry is Jack Skellington. I don't get it. Shrug 

I would have went with a pun, "AppleJack 
Skellington". Sure it doesn't make sense ether but at-least there is a joke here. :)
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omg I remember that show and I loved it XD
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LOL, nice move! Derpy as Billy is silly. :XD:
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This is just perfect.LOAF INTENSIFIES 
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Haha, this looks so legit!
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Thanks. I try to stay as close as i can to the shows. :)
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Heh, this is genius.
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