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Pinkie and Angel Freelance Police

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Pinkie Pie and Angel Bunny have started their own private freelance detective agency. But when ever Pinkie is involved random madness follows...
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HA! Sam and max, I love those guys. :)
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Nice Sam and Max parody.:D I love that show.
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or what if pinkie can shoot with...
revolver by syntaxguy  
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what if angel can shoot with...
Lugermorph Vector by Drakefire3k  
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Me: Pinkie! You're not suppose to be in this dimension!

Pinkie: But it's so much fun dimension hopping!
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Random Mare: (lovingly) Oh Angel!

Angel: (worried) Oh Pinkie.

Pinkie: Run for it little buddy, she’s got marrying on her mind!

Angel: (runs away screaming)
OMG so much yes.

Trying to figure out how you'd do Full Throttle and Day of the Tentacle...  XD
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"Another confused census taker Pinkie?" 

"No Angel it was the Commissioner with another idiotic and baffling assignment."

"Does it involve gratuitous violence?"

"We can only hope. Due to the confidential nature of this assignment we'll be meeting a bonded city courier out on the street."

"Ooo smells like a fiercely thickening plot."

Great work as always. I love it when you make these.       
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Hehe thanks. I'm actually playing the old adventure game right now so if i need tips ill know who to ask. :)
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It's the least I can do.
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Pinkie as Sam and Angel Bunny as Max? Ok that’s pretty funny!
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Thanks for the suggestion. You reminded me of it so i got in the mood to make it. :)
SkalopultonDraw20's avatar
No problem. I'm glad I got you in the mood to make it.
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Ooooh! =O

Now I wanna see how these two will solve some mysteries together! =D
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Cant wait for the Lucasarts adventure game to come out. :D
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Awesome job!!!!!
I hope you can get back to me as well.
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This works SO well! :lol:
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Who knew Angel had them teeth choppers. :D
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the funniest duo of Sam and Max parody
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