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Pinkie Pie Thats All Folks

By dan232323
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I love Looney Toons and Pinkie is kinda like the lost Loony Toon

Some fitting music for the image :…

Pinkie Pie Vector by :
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Incredible "The End"!!
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I'm using this as the final slide in a powerpoint. Don't worry! I'm giving credit to you.
You know, I actually thought more about the running gag of Batmite doing this in Batman: The Brave & The Bold than I did of Porky Pig doing so.

Makes me think that Pinkie and Batmite should start a little club others who break the 4th wall.  So far there's Ambush Bug, Deadpool and Sticks the Badger
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You forgot Rick from Rick and Morty. :)

Also Freakazoid and The Mask.
Also there's Puck from Gargoyles and I think Ferris Bueller.  And hey there's an idea for a pic.  The Ferris Bueller post credit scene.  Though I'm not sure Pinkie would necessarily tell the audience to go home.
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Hi, this is the presentation :)…

Thanks again :D
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Hi, can I use your image as last slide in a presentation I'm preparing?
Obviously linking the original one.

Thanks :)
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Sure witch one do you like? :)
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this pinkie pie one.
is the last slide, to say "that's all folks!" :)

I'll link the image stating your copyright in the credit slide

Pinkie Pie that’s all folks, Copyright by dan232323, used with permission
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sure have fun with it :)
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thank you :)

I'll ping you with the link once the slides are available on speakersdeck :)
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Oh my god guys. I found an optical illusion.

Keep your eyes away from the image itself, and move them around side to side. Now use your peripheral vision to see the rings move to the center.

This might just be me but holy crap...
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Whoa! I think I see it! The "that's all folks" seems to flash. Is that it?
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I don't see a flash. But when I move my eyes side to side from the art, it looks like the rings slowly close in on Pinkie.
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ah. Now I see it.
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Mhmm... trippy.
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One bit, Two bits arguement
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Well that and some other stuff as well. Like the Pepe Le Pew jumping while harassing Rainbow Dash. :)

P.S (The writers are awesome)
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lol took a while to notice. it was here for a long time. :)
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well, its a cool reference, happy holidays! :D
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Happy holidays. :D 

I'm still thinking of a good Christmas pony parody i could make, if you have a suggestion you're welcome to comment. :)
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