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Apple Jackie Chan Adventures

A fitting clip for the image:…

Twelve mysterious talismans of power have spread all throughout Equestria. The Apple family are tasked with finding these magical Macgaffin's and keep them away from the wrong hooves...

Granny Smith (nope) plz One more thing! Ayaaaaaa, Applebloom is coming with you.

:iconapplejackshockedplz: Bad day! Bad day! Bad day! Bad day! Bad day! Bad day! Bad day!!!
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This was a weird show. But the WB clearly liked it given in ran for 95 episodes.

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Let me guess... Big Mac is Tohru?
And the Dazzlings are the enforcers
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ire a escuchar la intro otras 10 veces
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When Applebloom looks like Azula...
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AngryCrow Takes Flight!
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Clap  fantastic!
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Applejack as Jackie Chan
Applebloom as Jade
Granny Smith as The Wizard
Big MacIntosh as The Right Hand
Rainbow Dash as The Viper
Bulk Biceps as The Bull/El Toro
Lord Tirek as Shendu
Discord as Valmont
Shining Armor as Cpt. Gustus Black
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Big mac should be Tohru.
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Cute and funny!
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JCA? Oh FUCK YEAH!!! I watched the shit outta that when i was a kid.
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This needs to be a thing
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But i wanted those cookies (Applejack icon) Applebloom stay here i'm going after them.

Applebloom (cute eye) plz  Scouts honor. 

Applebloom Pffff as if i'm a scout...
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Haha Awesome crossover parody 
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"Never mock the cookie."
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One more thing!

Bad day, for demons!
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