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DeviantArt: Moving Forward

DeviantArt: Moving Forward

It’s been just over a week since the full launch of the new DeviantArt and official sunset of the old version of the site. We wanted to provide a community update sharing additional insight and clarity regarding the new site and the realities of its existence and reception. CHANGES WE MADE One question we’ve received frequently is, “Why did you change the site at all?” The short answer is that the old version of DeviantArt wasn’t sustainable long-term. The longer, more thoughtful answer is twofold: one part code, and one part design. Code DeviantArt’s base code was built early, in Internet years. Every time we added a new feature, it had to be built on top of old code from the early 2000s, which meant more work in order for the site to scale to meet new technological advances. The decision was made to rebuild DeviantArt with a more modern framework, which makes it easier and faster to build new features without having to deal with cleaning up or rewriting old code. We reached the

Everyone deserves to be featured

Everyone deserves to be featured

100 Art Feature for all my watchers who participated in my request POLL Feature time...

Art Feature

Art Feature



The last camp fire




Mad Artist 2




Moriz portrait



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Creating a User Style For The New DeviantArt

Creating a User Style For The New DeviantArt

The cool thing about DeviantArt's new design is that it's super easy to make user style skins for. Our code uses CSS variables, so you can pretty much skin the entire site in just a few dozen lines of CSS. (If you're not familiar with CSS variables -- it's super simple.) It'll take some tweaking to make it look perfect on all pages, but it's super simple to make a skin that works across most of the site. You can use a browser extension like Stylish. For example, this code will replace the background color and top nav across the whole site on the DARK theme: :root { --D1:#202035; } Background color and top nav on the LIGHT theme: :root { --L1:#d0cde4; } The other cool thing is that there are variables for the light, dark, and green theme. So you could create a skin that has three variants, that will automatically switch when you use DeviantArt's theme toggle. I just threw together a purple skin in <20 lines of CSS and 90% of the site is customized. It took less than half

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I have some suggestions for Eclipse that I hope you can add in time:

Make it more mobile-friendly

Have emoticon codes for comments like :sad:, :nod:, :mad:

Save Literature Drafts

Friends List (To see which of our friends is online and who isn't)

Birthday Reminders

Drag and Drop Collections

Put Watch and Comment notifications in the same area

Journal Search Bar

Preview images

Custom Journal Skins


since you are a staff member, do you know an answer to this problem?

When I submit a journal to my group, it is automatically submitted to both the group and my personal account. But I don't want that. I want journals to be submitted to my group only but not to my personal account.

I've tried to explain my issue here in detail:

petrzajczekNew Deviant

Every feature from the old site should have stayed from the V-E-R-Y beginning. Every feature old site had should have S-T-A-Y-E-D. There is no sense in ADDING them BACK because they should have been implemented from the very beginning of this wix govno.

Don't sugarcoat this! Don't make fools of us! Adding them back by the developers because people want it make developers look dumb.


I don't even know why I have to tell this, danlev why here is no random deviant feature, random deviation? It should have been here! I'm disappointed in you and you won't get any money from core membership from me.

I'm utterly disappointed.

kkotieHobbyist Digital Artist

The "Too much Feedback?" tab on Notifications doesn't help, the notifications aren't really organized and it is difficult to delete everything at once. There are certain stuff that I can delete at once, but why not everything?

Also, the +Watch notifications don't have a "Remove All" option, which means I have to delete everything one-by-one. 😢

The "Advanced" mode is more like the old site -- you can only delete each section within a type. So if you're viewing replies, you'll be able to delete all your replies, but you can't delete across different types since they're different feeds. This is how it was on the old site, too. On the "Simple" mode, you can delete everything at once, because it's all on the same feed,

You can delete all your watch items at once -- it's the same concept as the Feedback tab. You can delete them per-type like you could on the old site, but you have to be on the individual page for that type to delete them all.

petrzajczekNew Deviant

It should have stayed the same from the very beginning.

kkotieHobbyist Digital Artist

How? There is no "Remove All" option in +Watch Notifications, I can only delete many posts at once if those posts are from the same artist. I mean, a specific artist posted 3 deviations, I can delete those 3 deviations at once. I want to delete absolutely all posts from all the artists I follow at once.

I know they go by type, but in "Deviations" for example, I'm supposed to be able to delete every deviation at once, like in the old site.