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Hello! :D

ARK: Survival Evolved, the multiplayer dinosaur survival game, is now FREE on the Epic Games Store! (Normally $49.99) I highly recommend it! :D If you get it, try out my ARK companion app, Dododex! (You can keep it forever if you get it by June
Yesterday I posted a status update asking for feedback from ARPG group admins. I was planning on talking to a handful of people individually, but the response has been overwhelming! Thank you! To make it easier, and so others deviants can reply and
Looking to chat with some deviants who run ARPG Groups on DeviantArt. If you or anyone you know might be interested in sharing your thoughts about running ARPG Groups, please let me know! :)


If you have questions about DeviantArt, feel free to ask me! However, I don't work on the Support team, so if you have issues with your account, billing issues, or trying to report a user or content on the site, please visit DeviantArt Support.

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Username-91Hobbyist Filmographer

Are you working on performances? Despite having the option to search page by page, the site stops showing images once you reach page 35. I browse new deviations once a week and I know that the old layout allowed me to keep going on and on. I always had a habit of stopping when I reach around 5,000. The galleries and favorites both do not have the option of browsing page by page. I have almost around 17,000 images in my favorites and having to scroll through the endless wall of images only slows the computer down or causes it to crash. In the old layout, I liked to go through my favorites by clicking through pages or scrolling and surprising myself as I come upon old images I added a long time ago.

Now I cannot even find the oldest favorite without scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, and watching how my supercomputer is lagging. Can your team do something to fix this? One page takes almost 900 MB of RAM, while on the old platform; it wouldn’t take more than 180. I noticed other bugs: An annoying drop-down menu that keeps popping out when I move the cursor of my mouse. Will they fix the stupid bug that triggers the activation of a drop-down menu that appears under your username? I’m having issues with writing comments and mentioning someone. If I write someone's username by using mention codes, half of the text deletes by itself. Does anybody else have this issue? This is very frustrating. Undo/redo method via the keyboard no longer works.

It’s like everything is obstructed. Speaking of bugs, I noticed several of them. “Drag to move Hero Image” doesn’t work. “Change Background” is barely clickable. It works, but partially. The website is slow. It takes too much time to load. Add to the group button is dead. It lacks a search engine that I used to find other groups. Without it, I cannot find other groups. When I click "add to the group" the tab freezes and it’s unresponsive to mouse commands. The new UI takes too much memory to load properly. I'm no longer receiving group notifications when somebody uploads a new illustration.

I only am notified when I upload my art into the group’s folder. When scrolling down my profile page, I could see my entire cover image flashing through the background of my profile. If I do, fast scrolling then the page will start jumping and freezing. Somebody was complaining about how he no longer can delete messages in his notifications. He got a bunch of messages from Da--Revolution today, mostly about adding pictures to the group galleries; he can accept, decline, or ignore, but there's no way to delete them. The list that shows you how many people added to the favorites your art on your deviation page is so tiny, and the number count below it is even smaller and almost impossible to find. What happened to the good old list that was big and viewable? You even had a date when they added an illustration to the favorites.

Why make it like that? If on my computer screen looks so small, I cannot imagine how smaller the mobile device version is. The banner for the journal is too enormous. I have to scroll down to read the text. I don’t need a stupid banner to take almost the whole screen. Remove it because it’s useless. Browsing statuses and journals on someone's profile is a nightmare! It lags the browser and the only solution for me is to kill the process by going to the task manager and click “end process.” Your team also claims that this update is without advertisements. If so, why is the ad blocker obstructing advertisements five times more than before? uBlock origin obstructed 45 on the team's page and the number is growing, while on the classic UI, he would obstruct only 5-10. Your claim doesn’t hold the water. Speaking of small, why is the "Add Emote or Avatar" tiny? In fact, why even change that whatsoever? The "Add Media" was perfect in size and better with very little load time. With this version, it is constant scroll, load, scroll with poor search results. That did not happen with Add Media.

Why make two Home Pages when one is enough? That home area could have been for the Daily Deviation. Pointless. Why custom boxes have "Expand" when you got "Theater View?" It's another pointless option and a waste of development time. This is why so many site developers test and bug fix their products behind closed doors before releasing it to the public. So their customers do not have to experience this frustrating and tedious product 24/7. I hope your time is going to be able to fix these glitches and flaws. Edit” Here is another bug, which I noticed. When importing the text into the bubble speech in eclipse, it doesn’t break into paragraphs. I get a forest of words and sentences. Very frustrating and jading. The chat button is hiding my notes. Can’t your team move that for an inch? I cannot access my notes because of this mistake.

stellinaneraHobbyist Traditional Artist

Danlev please, beg you can restore all categories!!!!!

PurpleLunaStars10Hobbyist General Artist

They removed the categories because they thinks categories are non-modern and also because people requested them to remove. And they don't want to bring back.

MotherMustangHobbyist Digital Artist

wow your page is CLUTTERED with people treating you like garbage, or like you're some sort of god that holds all their answers regarding DA/Eclipse, or smth x'D

just here to say your photography is awesome, i like Eclipse a lot, and uhhh... keep up the good work!!! :heart: :wave:

kkotieHobbyist Digital Artist

WAit... I have a question. Why do we need an About widget? There is already a section for it on our profile and it has exactly the same function the widget has.

semi234Professional Photographer

I apologize if this is an inappropriate way to communicate but I've been told you're one of the dA coders tasked with implementing the new Eclipse system...or something like that.

Are you guys aware that by placing the note icon thingie in the chat down at the bottom AND making the hoverover box longer than most people's screens, we the members are no longer able to access our dA inboxes without having to bookmark them? If this can be addressed ASAP, it'd be greatly appreciated.

dA chat
kkotieHobbyist Digital Artist

Hi, dan.

If the About widget can't be removed, then can people at least be able to move it to somewhere else?