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Raptor Strike



A powerful long-range cruiser, the Romulan 'Raptor Class' warship is capable of dealing a massive amount of damage with its dual disruptor and torpedo arrays.

Seen here is the IRW D'Teres, which led an assault on a Klingon border outpost in late 2380. Decloaking almost on top of the small Klingon station and its assigned patrol ships, the D'Teres and her support ships took only minimal losses, and annihilated the Klingon forces in less than 30 minutes.

This attack created a small blind-spot in Klingon border security, allowing the passage of several larger strike forces, culminating in several larger battles deeper in Klingon territory.


Well I felt like doing a more action based image, it's not a full-on dogfight but I think it turned out okay.


Ships - LCAmaral, Aad Moerman
Background - :iconbull53y3:
Explosion & debris stock - :iconfrostbo:
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Fearsome ship! :wow: