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Technobots/ Computron

Here's a new commish featuring the scramble city gestalt/ team from the headmasters era.

thanks to Josh Perez for the excellent colors!

transformers copyright hasbro, inc.
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A sword would go well with Computron.

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Obviously a logical unification. - Mr. Spock :iconspockplz:
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Can You Draw
ITS TIME TO ROOOOOOCKas Drag Strip MTMTEDragstrip by leungk  Costume
Garnet Garnet Loveas Dead End MTMTEDeadEnd by leungk  Costume
Peridot Peridot Emoticonas Wildrider MTMTEWildrider by leungk   Costume 
Tour  2 by leungk  as Breakdown MTMTEBreakdown by leungk   Costume

Plz  I hop u like transformers G1 And Jewelpet
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A team of Autobots created without the aid of Vector Sigma by the leader of ANOTHER team created without the aid of Vector Sigma.
How's about that.

You don't see these guys too much, mainly because they debuted late into season 3 of G1, when many felt the series went downhill.
Computron online. Analysis... computron main objective to fight for autobots
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Childhood memories are flooding back! All I can say is thank you, thank you. Waaaah! 
The sons of Grimlock. Lovin' this piece. Would like to see this in the cartoon colors.
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I love the technobots and my favorite is lightspeed
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yeah this is f***ing cool :)
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Fantastic as usual!
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computron think too much
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The Technobots are the best!
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These guys are my favorite combiner team.
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Man this rocks!
My favorite combiner. Dan and Josh did an incredible job.
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Immense! Beautifully composed.
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very awesome work
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