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Omega Supreme

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Here's a new Omega Supreme commission. Colors by Josh Perez.

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Amazing art!

I love how even Megatron is all "Oh shi~"

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always one of my fav transformers great job

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I can so hear the crunch and crack of Devastator's armor under Omega Supreme's weight... Give him a few more stomps, Omega!
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You know you're screwed when ya see that
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Devastator: defeated.

Megatron's pants: soiled.
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xaviir20Student Artist
This also takes place in g1 when Omega wanted revenge for what the constructicons did to him back on Cybertron
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Just read the review for the Transformers Unicron Issue 2, Omega was in stasis since 2012, they brought him back but he died. DARN YOU PROWL! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT PROWL!! I really wanted to see Omega again in the comics but NOOO! They had to kill him off because no one cares about the Leader of the Guardian Robots.
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Yeah, they were holding out on actually killing him in case a new action figure came out, but unfortunately the series ended a year too early and so he simply perished after his telepathic conversation with Bumblebee.
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That's why I wonder if his new toy is honoring Omega Supreme so everyone can care about him.
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Well, the War For Cybertron line is all about getting some of the classic G1 figures back, especially ones who haven't gotten a whole lot of love recently.  Flywheels, Ultra Magnus, Shockwave, Reflector, heck, they're even making an Apeface figure.  Omega Supreme was a natural pick for the big fig of the year.

Makes me hopeful that next year might see a Titan class Scorponok.  Or maybe Skylynx.
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Dark-NightshadeStudent General Artist
Oh, they actually are making a Titan Class Scorponok! You can see some of his pre-released pictures of him! I think he’s coming out in either August or April!
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August.  And Commander Class Sky Lynx is coming out around the same time.  The announcement was made about a week after I made that post.
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Dark-NightshadeStudent General Artist
Ah, then you knew! Good! I can’t wait!
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Me neither.
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ABH-ULTDHobbyist General Artist
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Identification: Deceptions, Action: Terminate.
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That is so cool and awesome.
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Felipe400Hobbyist Artist
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Aspens5StarsHobbyist Photographer
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Yep. The Decepticons are totally screwed. ^-^
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I totally love the generation 1 transformers, omega supreme laying waist to the decepticons
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kevinlaboratoryStudent Filmographer
Amazing robot!
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