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Dinobots groupshot with boxart

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Here's a view of the G-1 Dinobots groupshot with a G-1 boxart type retro grid in the background. I just remembered I never posted this shot. This is one of my fav.'s. Love the Dinobots.

Awesome colors by Espen!
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hi Dan, seems the link is dead. would love a hi res copy of this! can you pm me details. thanks
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I sell prints of these at shows, but don't post higher res scans online. If you want one just send me a note.
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Hi Dan, yes please. I just want one. And I'm in the UK. Can you please let me know how I can get one? Thanks!
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I love this picture! Is it available in a higher resolution? I would love to make it my desktop wallpaper. :)
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Dinobots forever, love'em.
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Grimlocke is my fave, just 'cause of the way he talks. i find it HILARIOUS. Dinobots RULE!
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What Transformer fan doesn't love the DinoBots!? Great pic of GrimLock, Slag, Sludge, Snarl and Swoop all in robot mode with grim, sludge and snarl having their energo swords out.
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and what a fine groupshot it is
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The relationship between the Dinobots and Optimus Prime is about the same relationship between a bullet and a gun. Optimus points them at something and says "Go get'em"...However, these bullets can sometimes bite back.
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The Dinobots are proud and savage, which is their exact nature.
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Grim Locke Kick butt
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Me, Grimlock, need new strategy…! 😜
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wow really great!!!!
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It stinks that the Dinobots are the only non combiner Groups that can't form gestalt.
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In one of the comics they can. However, the gestalt is so monstrously powerful and uncontrollable that it is only used as an absolute last resort.
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...Because Dinobots are awesome! :excited: :w00t:
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Yeah, those colors really do look good, don't they. ;)This is a nice one.
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BTW, For any TF art collectors who might be interested, I have a some 11 by 17 poster prints of this shot left over from this years 'Cons up on ebay here in a bundle with some other Autobot team shots:
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