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Classics Jetfire

Jetfire Soars Supreme...

colors by Josh Perez
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Darkton93's avatar
I love Classics Jetfire. He's a great reimagining of the classic Valkyrie in an era where Harmony Gold has more power. This drawing of him is fantastic, too!
Wielder's avatar
He's Skyfire to me but I'm glad you drew him right and not like the Robotech looking action figure. (I know his name was Jetfire first but I saw the cartoon waaay before the comic)
Nerfguy1042's avatar
Jetfire always will be my favorite Transformer.
Phenometron's avatar
This could very well be G1 Jetfire/Skyfire's upgrade.
heavens-champion's avatar
You know, the Autobots need more flying robots.
vmv-81's avatar
Wow, such a great picture! I really like the toy as well.
JP-V's avatar
Magnificent! artwork and colours! I have this toy now his so fun to own!
srg1's avatar
Very supreme. :)
JZLobo's avatar
That one's one of my favorite figures.
Novastorm73's avatar
Great artwork but I do like the recolored, head swapped Dreadwind version much better.

For some reason this toy didn't work for me. I did buy it (on sale at Target for $12.88!) but gave it away in a raffle I did on IDW about 18 months ago.

Hard to live up to the original Jetfire which I still have.
JZLobo's avatar
I never had the original Jetfire though I always wanted him. I really love the figure's customization ability with the accessories and the balance between the different looks of Skyfire and Jetfire.
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